Google Sites for Education

The perfect option for schools & districts

The Current Situation

Haven't we all seen many websites fall into disrepair in the sphere of education. Many websites for schools, districts and area service districts have been built upon platforms which are difficult to maintain for the average in-house IT team; perhaps it was Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal or otherwise. Thousands of educational organizations have adopted Google Apps for Education and so there is good news by way of Google Sites.

 Websites in disrepair

 Exhausted IT teams

Difficult or costly web platforms


A Proposed Solution

We propose to tech coordinators, administrators and IT teams to consider a real long-lasting solution to the fore mentioned issues. Let's take a look at each of the corresponding solutions. A trusted designer and consultant can forge a plan, build a custom design and breathe life into the idea of web design for the client. IT teams can delegate content by school, department or teacher via page level permissions from the Google accounts they already use. Google Sites can facilitate as the easy to use platform already available and free to use.

Hire a trusted consultant

Organize content ownership

Build on Google Sites


New Google Sites School Website Examples