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Kirksville Web Design was formed in 2010 in the small town of Kirksville, Missouri USA by Kyle Horst. Google Sites was released in 2008 by Google Inc. and this technology was immediately chosen at the platform for Kirksville Web Design to build sites upon due to its low cost, reliability and ease of use.

We quickly became known as Google Sites designers who brought first rate design and Google integrations together in Sites. We also incorporated third party applications into Google Sites along with the standard Google applications available like Drive, Calendar, Groups, etc. These third party applications, such as Twitter, Flickr, Slideshows and navigation menus made our Sites practical in addition to stylish. 

Starting out with a simple plan to build websites, we've developed into a marketing and advertising partner to companies throughout the world. Our headquarters is located in Columbia, Missouri now. We own the subsidiary, Columbia Web Design, which markets to local businesses, encouraging them to go Google Apps for Work.

At first, our goal was to help small business have a beautiful website that they can own, maintain, and afford. This has become a cooperative goal since we have begun to focus on building private company intranets and portals. There are abandoned, chaotically-designed, and unimpressive websites all over the internet. In addition, there are many intranets which are abandoned, disorganized and built on proprietary platforms such as Sharepoint. We wish to serve all organizations interested in something new, beautiful and well-organized. 

In the process of being a Google Sites designer, we are a Google Apps Authorized Reseller. We have really grown to offer services throughout the Google applications. We can setup your domain, email, website and intranet in one go. We have seen the tremendous trend towards the cloud and therefore we strive to provide the best customer service, user experience and sense of style.

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About Kyle Horst

Kyle Horst is the Owner and Lead Designer for Kirksville Web Design. He loves designing Google Sites and collaborating with clients all over the world. He will be your direct contact for designing your website or intranet, building content and ultimately launching your Google Site.