Google Sites for Business

Our Google Sites are the best on the web

Why use Google Sites for a business website?

  • Google Sites has no hosting fees.

  • The platform is extremely stable and secure from attempts to hack your website.

  • The platform is free to use and easy for launching a business website in a matter of weeks.

  • Additionally, you can manage the content of the website yourself, keeping the website fresh. No coding is required to work with Google Sites.

  • All Google Sites websites are accessible and responsive, not requiring a separate mobile-only version.

Example of a business website built on New Google Sites for Allergy Center of Alaska

Why hire a Google Sites web designer?

Kirksville Web Design has designed literally thousands of Google Sites. We know exactly what Google Sites is capable of for design and development. We are a trusted Google Sites partner for small business, schools, non-profits and other sectors. Our rates are very reasonable and our turnaround is quick. We can efficiency design a website that meets expectations for performance.

Drummond Montessori School

A responsive Google Sites public website example for a school in the Chicago area. This Google Site features a custom theme, professional photography, video hosted at Vimeo and a consistent look and feel across the site for a clear user experience.

Netflix Benefits

An efficient benefits guide for Netflix built on Google Sites. An informative wiki style website with a clean on-brand look.

The Carl McCain Memorial Foundation

A custom designed Google Sites theme with high contrast, text boxes and events. A great example of a site for non-profits, foundations and public service organizations.

We've Designed Google Sites for...

Google Sites Websites for All

Google Sites for Lawyers, Doctors & Dentists

Google Sites are a perfect fit for lawyers, doctors, dentists, orthodontists, financial consultants and professionals because your website can run indefinitely, reliably at no cost to your practice. Also, you are empowered to manage your own content. There is no need to keep a web designer on the payroll. The user experience is easy and intuitive.

View an example - Jack O'Boyle & Associates Website

Google Sites for Tech Businesses, Apps & IT

Tech businesses can really appreciate the level of control they have over their website. They can add pages to their existing website using pre-made templates or even copy pages. Therefore, with a little tech-savviness, they can make a website that fits their message and their brand. Also, Google Sites can be built very quickly and content added in a matter of minutes.

View an example - Blink Reports

Google Sites for Education - Schools & School District

Google Apps for Education was one of the best things that ever happened to schools around the world. It is amazing how teachers and administrators have used Google Sites to facilitate classrooms and websites. Many times, we help schools by building a custom theme and several page templates. Then we train their content owners to maintain their website, on the cloud, powered by Google Apps for Edu.

View an example - Placer Union High School District

Our Clients Around the World

We have been very blessed to work with so many people from so many different areas of the world. Some clients have been on the other side of the world, while others are our close friends who live in the same town as us. It is amazing how the internet brings everyone closer together. So, even if we are not local, we can provide you the same courtesy, respect and quality of work. Let's jump on a Google Hangout and talk about your project.