Intranet Examples

Portal, Wikis, Themes and Google Sites examples - this is the stuff we are proud of.

Beautiful Custom Branded Sites Themes

There is out-of-the-box Google Sites and then there's the stuff we design. We never hack Google Sites, but we fully utilize everything for remarkable intranets made to order.

Functional, Neat & Tidy Aesthetic

Upgrade from Classic Sites or Sharepoint into a contemporary intranet space. Share everything you need without an overwhelming experience.

Build an Intranet Step-by-step with a Specialist

Because of our wealth of experience in the intranet building sphere we can offer recommendations and support. We can hold your hand if you want, or just directly migrate your content.

Intranet Building Partner

We have partnered up with many teams at Roche to create tailored Google Sites. This is an example of how we share our Google Sites expertise with companies, becoming an as-needed consultant for intranets.

Custom Theme Design, Graphics, Iconography and Typography.

Clean, simple, branded intranet portal

Responsive width, business co.

Netflix Google Suite Portal Site

A simple intranet built on the New Google Sites displays key applications and news for employees while looking fresh and fun due to the striking Netflix imagery provided.

Grid layout, colorful,

A New Google Sites Example for Box Inc.

Built as a demonstration for Box of how an intranet can be custom branded with the New Sites platform, compared to the Classic Google Sites.

Twitter, News, Slideshow, Forum

Corporate Intranet Landing Page