Google Sites Intranet Examples

Google Sites intranet solutions are the best way to integrate Google apps and share company information within a secure Workspace domain. Let's take a look at how your organization can use Google Sites for intranet with some examples.

Employee views responsive Google Sites intranet on a mobile device

What is a Google Sites Intranet?

A Google Sites intranet is a private, organization-owned site to securely share information, resources and documentation to employees. Google Sites can be used as an intranet to encourage collaboration and share access to company data. An intranet can also be used as a knowledge base for news, policies, procedures, projects and employee information. Google Sites intranets are a Google Workspace cloud based solution managed via Google Drive.

Want to learn more about Google Sites for intranet? Read our ultimate guide on how to create a Google Sites intranet.

Google Sites Examples for Portals, Wikis, Intranets and Team Sites

It really makes a lot of sense to see a few samples of intranets before investing company resources in such an influential project. Your improved understanding of the platform will help you visualize what your own company site will be like. You can also get ideas of features and functionality supported in Google Sites. 

Please reach out to us for a guided tour of intranet Google Sites, set expectations and create an internal communications hub employees can get behind.

View of a Google Sites intranet landing page with news, social media, and resources.

Beautiful Custom Branded Sites Themes

There are out-of-the-box Google Sites templates, but those are nothing special. Our intranet designers work with your brand guidelines, web design best practices, high accessibility standards and can even collaborate with your marketing or IT teams. We never hack Google Sites, but we fully utilize everything for remarkable intranets made to order.

Functional, Neat & Tidy Aesthetic

Convert from Classic Sites or Sharepoint sites into a contemporary intranet space. Share everything you need without an overwhelming experience. These are thoughtfully done, clean Google Sites themes.

Sample corporate intranet with colorful aesthetic, custom icons and links to employee resources
Real estate office company wiki home page

Build an Intranet Cost Effectively

Because of our wealth of experience in the intranet building sphere we can offer recommendations and all levels of support. Our Google Sites team works efficiently to draft intranets according to client requirements. We will develop a scope of work to fit your needs, with no ongoing maintenance fees. There is no bloat and you'll work directly with a developer.

Intranet Building Partner

We enjoy collaborating with intranet project managers to develop a custom solutions. We work together with client teams to meet expectations and deadlines. We are also happy to share our Google Sites expertise with companies looking to leverage the platform on additional internal sites. We can serve as intranet consultants or Google Sites support on an as-needed basis.

Dynamic data driven dashboard for teams
Custom apps for intranet plugins installed on Google Sites example

Examples of Awesome Table Apps for Google Sites Intranet

One of the most powerful plug-ins, or widgets, available is Awesome Table. Check out a ton of examples which can be embedded using the "Embed Code" feature in Sites. These can be directories, org charts, project databases, news feeds and more.

Google Sites Intranet Templates

Enjoy our walkthrough of the variety of intranet sites, wikis and knowledge bases you can build with Google Sites. Three unique modes are important ways of sharing information throughout your organization, and all within Google Workspace.

Google Sites Wiki Example

Do you want the minimalist look made popular from platforms like Notion or Framer, but integrated into Google Workspace? We are designing several intranet templates as building blocks for Google Sites.

Minimalist Wiki Live Demo

Department Team Landing Page

When building intranets, we are often asked to give examples of intranet department page templates. This can serve as a wireframe or start for bigger intranets. 

Department Site Live Demo

To download these templates and mock up your intranet site, visit our template marketplace.

Help Desk for Google Workspace

The easiest way to create a knowledge hub within Google Workspace is to start with a Help Desk. Answer those FAQs and offer self service, self-help education with a glossary and tips.

Help Desk Site Live Demo

Google Sites employee onboarding portal example

Create Your Google Workspace Onboarding Portal with Sites

Get a Google Sites template for the company onboarding intranet which comes fully equipped with all the right pages. We researched the tools and content companies need when providing a full service portal to new employees. Webpages include:

View the Onboarding Demo Site

Purchase from our intranet templates marketplace

Share Templates with the Whole Organization

You organization can publish an official Google Sites intranet template to the template gallery of the Google Sites landing page. This can be the default theme for all company sites and team project dashboards. Establish your brand and increase employee engagement. Commission KWD to be like your in-house designer for Google Sites

Modern and professional Google Sites Intranet Template model

Customize Google Sites Templates Yourself

You can find free starter templates in the dashboard of and then you can customize these given templates via the "Themes" menu, creating a custom theme there will give you a solid foundation for your next engaging intranet. Explore our gallery of 2024 Google Sites Templates.

Library continuing education and onboarding intranet

Roche Concept Intranet

A stunning intranet theme concept based on the Roche brand with room for social media and community news.

Custom Theme Design, Graphics, Iconography and Typography.

Clean, simple, branded intranet portal

Netflix Benefits

An efficient benefits guide for Netflix built on Google Sites. An informative wiki style website with a clean on-brand look.

Netflix Google Suite Portal Site

A simple intranet built on the New Google Sites displays key applications and news for employees while looking fresh and fun due to the striking Netflix imagery provided.

Grid layout, colorful

Responsive width, business co.

Embed Google Cloud Search, Answer Company FAQ and provide direction to new employees with onboarding, glossary and helpful tech queries.

Google Sites for Libraries

A New Google Sites Example for Box Inc.

Built as a demonstration for Box of how an intranet can be custom branded with the New Sites platform, compared to the Classic Google Sites.

Twitter, News, Slideshow, Forum

Corporate Intranet Landing Page

Insights from the intranet development process for 2X Global