Technical SEO Audit Services

Get the complete picture of a website's content and meta-data optimization

On Page Content Optimization

For this portion of the audit, we focus on the visible content of each webpage. This content includes text, images and other elements website visitors and search engine crawlbots will encounter. Two main goals of this work are:

We follow best practices from authorities on web content and search.

Metadata Check Up

Metadata — this information is primarily targeted at search engines to properly understand the intent of a web page. This information typically isn't visible to visitors, but is equally important. Manipulation of metadata needs follow guidelines in order increase the odds that a page is indexed and ranks well on relevant queries. 

Avoid Crucial Metadata Mistakes

It is important to avoid many old pitfalls and misunderstand for metadata. For instance, the practices of keyword stuffing may lead to search penalties. Page titles, descriptions and robot information need to follow certain criteria to be optimized, but not spammy.

SEO Tools Installation and Set Up

Google Search Console

There isn't an SEO consultant today who doesn't automatically register a website property with Google Search Console. It is that important of a tool because you get results straight from the source, the Google search engine. Through GSC we understand key metrics like clicks, impressions, CTR, queries and average page position. We can even connect search console to SEO tools from Semrush or Ahrefs. Here are the aspects of GSC that absolutely need utilized for starters:

Google Search Console search results overview page for help with SEO

Google Analytics

Google Analytics is filled with an abundance of statistical data involving traffic, engagement and conversion. Although GA4 was at first overwhelming, experts realized the potential of generating reports, conducting comparisons and tracking sources or mediums of referrals. Google Search Console provides the organic insights we need, but Google Analytics considers the larger picture of all website users.

Google Sheets Audit Report

After crawling an entire website, it's important to export to a familiar system like spreadsheets for sorting, filtering, commenting, tasks and actions. We love the SEO templates and checklists that make our technical on page SEO audit easier. 

Google Looker Data Studio Live Reports

Use Google Analytics as your data source for dynamic reports on Google's Looker Studio. There we can showcase the most important KPI in a customized dashboard. 

Sample Looker dashboard using Google Search Console data for seo

Need SEO help?

Do you need help setting all this up to improve the SEO performance of your website? Although many have tried to take up digital marketing and learn SEO, it is much deeper of a field than most initially estimate. If you are already bogged down with writing new blog posts, copywriting, adding content and running your business, it can be such a relief to have the support of a trustworthy partner on the SEO side.