Google Sites Intranet Templates

We develop custom Google Sites intranets for clients all over the world and we are happy to share some of the elements we've designed over the years. Hopefully the templates you see here will inspire you to invest in Google Sites on your next company site, portal, help desk or wiki.

Intranet Templates for Google Workspace

Want to learn how to create an intranet on Google Sites? We've designed several wireframes to help with conceptualizing various key pages. When you are ready to develop a custom intranet branded to your organization, contact us for a free consultation. We love talking about intranet projects for Google Workspace customers. Go check out real life examples and case studies on our intranet solutions pages.

Staff onboarding site template for Google

Onboarding Portal

This is the ultimate template to gather all your employee onboarding information. 17 insightful pages to make your job of building this intranet easier. Loaded full of onboarding ideas, page layouts and customizable elements.

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Wiki Like Template

Create a wiki with a minimalist, high contrast starter site. Brainstorm and outline your content ideas here. Create a virtual knowledge base for any topic.

A minimalist way to create a Google Sites intranet that is inspired by the good old fashioned wiki. Use pure wiki power for Notion alternative on Google Workspace.

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IT Department Team Page

Start building a department landing page with this wireframe concept for IT. Create a one stop knowledge center with links to apps, news, contacts, faq and Google Drive documents.

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Lorem Company Intranet

A sample intranet built on Google Sites to display custom design and features we've developed. Google Sites gadgets display announcements, social media and directories.

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HelperDeski - Help Desk Starter

Super light and clean help desk starter template to provide quick answers to common questions. Empower users with search, FAQ and quicklinks.

Minimalist and crystal clear interface with collapsible menus, fun icons and Google Cloud search for Business Workspace users.

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Team template wiki for Google Sites

Free Sites Team Project Site

Another sample project site this time tailored for organizing multiple cases.

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Life Brain Organizer Site

Google built Notion alternative. Build your second brain organizer within Google Sites! This template gives you a head start with thoughtful guidance for tasks, projects, goals and life aspects. 

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Help center with projects and faq in collapsible menus

Sample Help Center

Template for a help center with landing page access to topics. Store and share documentation easily with this site.

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Team project home page layout

Project Starter Template

A simple start to a project management site with the mission, efforts, team and FAQ content areas. 

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Intranet Templates FAQ

How do I get free templates?

Google has provided some free starters from their Google Sites template gallery. This is typically visible on the landing page. We have provided those basic templates in our downloadable package, but they are simple and look a bit dated. This is why we built advanced templates for purchase.

Can I customize these templates for my organization?

Yes, you can completely customize the templates after you copy them on to your Google Workspace account. Feel free to change the color scheme to match your company's brand or change pages, titles and page layouts. Remember copy and paste is your best friend in Google Sites. You can easily duplicate pages, sections, text boxes and other page elements.

Do you sell Sharepoint templates?

Sorry, we don't offer our designs for Microsoft Sharepoint since the platforms are mostly incompatible for importing Sites themes. But if you are pivoting to Google Workspace from MS365 and from Sharepoint to Google Sites, we can support that process. Contact us to discuss your Sharepoint migration project.

Can I build a full intranet with these templates?

You can expand on these templates to create a complete intranet solution. It will take time to grow your Site and integrate content across your Workspace domain. Organize your shared drives and you'll be well along in developing the employee portal you want.

How do I create my own Google Sites intranet template?

I recommend starting with creating a custom theme. There you can: