Testimonials & Google Sites Reviews

Archive of our client testimonials and reviews for Google Sites projects

Classic Google Sites Conversion

Needed help converting from classic to new google sites. I was very impressed with Kyle's skill and knowledge. Will consult with him in the future. Highly recommend him.

By Tom Martinson

Website design

by Brad Kirstein

Very satisfied with the process and end result. Am going to be doing another website with Kyle shortly. Five stars.

Great Experience!

by Bea Lavery

We worked with Kyle to develop a web portal to find information across multiple platforms and make it accessible to our large department in an easy way. Kyle was professional, collaborative, creative, and flexible to work with. He communicated in a timely manner and helped make this experience enjoyable. Kyle is also a great graphic designer and helped us create some fun and inspiring images for the website. Kyle's fee structure is very reasonable and affordable. We will definitely work with Kyle again if we get the opportunity!

Kirksville Web Design is Awesome

by Sharon Popovich

We hired Kirksville to design a Google Website. We found Kyle to be very professional and easy to work with. We are a team of 6 and constantly plagued him with changes but he was extremely gracious and completed everything to our satisfaction in a very timely manner. He was always available to talk when needed and responded quickly to our emails. We would not hesitate to recommend him.

Sharon Popovich

Thoughtful and responsive

by Jerry Lee

Kyle is a true professional and has been great to work with. He has been very flexible to our schedule and responsive to our needs, helping us create and iterate on a Intranet site that is compelling, simple and intuitive. I would not hesitate to recommend his work to others.

Kirksville Helped Us Revamped Our Intranet

by John Carter

Kyle and his team at Kirksville helped save us money annually by revamping our company intranet site and utilizing google sites to host.The design is very modern, clean, elegant, and easy to use.

Will not hesitate to engage Kyle and his team again if/when the need arises for our future intranet needs.

Will Use Again

by Ismael Amado

Kirksville Web Design was able to help us realize our goal of using google sites as a replacement for our aging sharepoint system. The designs were clean, elegant, and easy to use.

Will not hesitate to engage Kyle and his team again if/when the need arises.

Great Experience

by Dane Deutsch

Very satisfied with our experience with Kirksville Web Design! Great service, and outstanding ability to understand the customer needs, from the planning to the design and content aspects of their web page. Kyle is a team player who works in a very relaxed and confident manner. He delivers on what he promises. Tough to find a company in this day and age that does what they promise to do. Great Job Kyle and the whole Kirksville Web Design Team!

Excellent outcome

by Kurt Weideling

Really happy with the service provided by the Kirksville team. Managed to achieve all of our desired outcomes in a very prompt time frame and as a sign of what a globalised world we live in the fact that we're based on opposite sides of the world wasn't a problem!

Very Satisfied

by Mitch Rosenfeld

Design was excellent. Delivered on time and very response to our needs and requests.

Great work!

by Erin Liedell

Kyle was so easy to work with and designed a site that meets all our needs and more. It is beautiful and easy for me to keep up. It has really changed how we run my particular project within our organization. I would highly recommend Kyle!

Quick and Responsive Service

by Douglas Rosen

Working with Kyle was great...I told him exactly what I needed, he gave me his feedback, and within a week or so I had a my website live. I would highly recommend him, the work was excellent.

Professional and Easy to Work With Designer

by Erin Petry

We worked with Kyle to create a new Google Site for us, and have worked with him on previous projects. His professionalism, excellent quality of work, and quick response time set him apart from other designers, and will keep us coming back to him for future projects.

He listened to all of our requests and provided his input if he thought there was a better solution. He built a clean, easy to navigate and user-friendly site for us. His experience and expertise definitely shows in his work.

We look forward to continuing to work with Kirksville Web Design!

Google Sites Guru

by Chris Carlson

We hired Kyle to build us a Google Site after several attempts to get what we wanted from another designer. Our experience with Kyle was simply fantastic. He listened to our needs, took the time to built our site the right way and quickly incorporated those fixes that every project requires. If you are looking to build a corporate Google Site that will work and you will feel proud to put in front of your employees I could not recommend Kyle enough.

Innovative Google Sites Designer

by Shaun Banta

Kirksville has always been a pleasure to work with. They comes up with great site layouts that are second to none, time and time again. We give them an idea, they present a great design solution. Kirksville finds a way to build both functional and aesthetically pleasing websites beyond our expectations on the Google site platform.

Really good ideas

by Romain

I've worked with Kirksville Web Design on many web designs for multiple clients. Each time, we have been very happy with the result. Kyle proves again and again that you can build beautiful sites with Google Sites. If you don't know what you want, he will come up with something you'll love.

Quick process and great design

by Amber Christian

We use Google apps for our infrastructure, and wanted a simple manageable site that we could maintain. After looking at Google sites, we decided to hand over the design to someone more familiar with Google Sites to build our first site. Kirksville clearly had a lot of experience in using Google sites. The process for building the site was fast and easy. They delivered exactly what we needed for our website and did a great job with the site. Feedback was quickly incorporated in the site, allowing the entire process to move along quickly. Great work!

Review for Kyle @ Kirksville Web Design

by Paul Parquer

I really enjoyed the level of service provided by Kyle at Kirksville Web Design. When partnering with Kyle he made himself readily available. His deliverables were on time and the quality of his work was impressive. Would definitely recommend Kirksville to others using Google sites.

Couldn't have asked for better!

by April Fazin

We struggled with trying to design our Google site ourselves and that proved to be a bad idea. We found Kirksville and that was the best decision. Kyle did a great job and really listened, provided tips, and made sure that we knew how to manage the site and minor changes moving forward. I am very pleased with the quality, the time, and the communication.

Understands the Needs of Education

by Gregg Ramseth

As a Google Apps school district, we wanted a website built exclusively in Sites. A Google search led us to Kirksville and Kyle Horst. It did not take long to discover we had the right service provider with a simple pricing structure (no hidden fees), timely communication (even a few Hangouts), and a custom approach to crafting a design (truly listening to the client). Finally, as an educational institution we respect the fact that Kyle is dedicated to sharing the latest tips and tricks at http://www.googlesiteswebdesign.com/. At heart, Kyle Horst is an educator with a gift for visionary web design, and his business reflects that ethos.

Excellent Service

by Milwaukee Center

I had never used Google Sites before my new position required me to update their website. Luckily for me, they also used Kirksville! Kyle has been able to help with each request and issue I've come across as I tried to navigate the tech world. His responses have been quick and always ended in a solution. His great service has made updating the website one of the easiest parts of my job.

Awesome to work with!

by Crystal Tang

I've been working with Kirksville Web Design for 4-5 months and Kyle is always extremely helpful in getting us what we need and quick to turnaround any updates or designs for our website. Not only does he truly understand what we're looking to accomplish with our organization's internal website, he also takes the time to teach us how to create and use Google Sites. Kyle is an excellent thought partner- I'm excited to continue my work with him!

SOS Project - Kelly Porter

by Kelly Porter

I work for a hotel & resort company, and contacted Kirksville one week prior to launching our internal employee website. Our design team thought they had a developer familiar with Google Sites. One week prior to launch - that lead fell through. I researched developers familiar with Google Sites and ran across Kirksville Web Design.

Kyle immediately jumped into action. Not only did he deliver exactly what we were looking for within one week, he was available "on call" as a support for us during the 1st week that our site was live.

We are going to have future projects and I will definitely be calling Kyle. He is great at what he does, fairly priced, and easy to work with.

Exceeded Expectations

by Greg Moerchen

We've worked with four different firms in the past for website design and this the first firm that finished on budget and ahead of schedule. Additionally, Kyle designed a Site template for us that has exceed our expectations. The template has been a tremendous revenue generator and has set us apart from the competition in our industry.


by Scott McKenzie

Kyle has that rare combination of artist and tech project manager. Great work. Thanks Kyle.

Professional, organised, creative, flexible and great to work with ...

by Mark Folmer

Just wrapped up a project with Kirksville - enjoyed the process from start to finish. Mostly I appreciated the professional and personalized approach. They were flexible, creative and shared insight. Thanks Kyle!

Great Experience

by Chantal Laurie Below

I have really valued working with Kirksville for a few reasons. Firstly, I've found Kyle to really "get" the type of design and user-experience I'm looking for and translate that beautifully to the website. Secondly, I've found him to be hugely flexible when things change. He's willing to make updates and shift things around without pause. Thirdly, I really appreciate that Kyle takes his work and approach very seriously. He wants to create an excellent product and works hard to make that happen!


by Raphaël Coste

It's always a great pleasure to work with such a talented and professional designer as Kirksville.

Top Notch

by John Ellinwood

Kirksville just completed the website for my second company. As always, fast, fair, and great design. I won't work with anyone else!

Excellent Company!

by Chris Ferguson

Found Kirksville through a Google Search and it couldn't have worked out better. They gave us the contact information for two former customers who had nothing but good things to report. We decided to hire Kirksville and they did a fantastic job - they provided us with a creative new website quickly and at a very fair price. In addition, the Kirkville team has been responsive to our questions has gone above and beyond to provide excellent customer service. Would gladly work with them again.

Wonderful to work with

by Natan Alexander

I was referred to Kirksville by a family member who had them design a web site. I was worried as my company is very different to the one of my family member and I required a totally different vision and 'feel' to my site. They did a wonderful job! The service was fast and friendly always showing a will to understand my vision. They showed never ending patience with me and I thank them for that.

Highly Recommended !!

Very Pleased

by Crystal Herbert

I was extremely pleased with the quick response to questions and modifications. Also I liked the training so that I can (hopefully) update the site myself. And, if not, I know it will be no problem to inquire for help. Overall, very courteous, prompt, and professional. If I ever need another site I know they would do a great job.

Kirksville Web Design

by Paul Maly

Great prices, quick turnaround, easy to get a hold of. I have done one sight with them and plan on doing another.

Great Sites knowledge and Great to Work With

by Tony Sheets

I've worked with the Kirksville Web Design team for several years now, over several different projects. I know Sites very well, but know the the end result will be better if I have Kirksville handle it for me. Their design acumen and deep knowledge of Sites lead to a better result. Highly recommend them.

Great designer and knows Sites inside out

by Dave Messinger

Kyle does a fantastic job and always delivers on time and on budget. His work is professional and well done and requires no hand holding. A real pleasure to work with.

Competent and fast.

by Julian Kunkel

A job well done.

For our webpage www.eiow.org kirksville developed the logo and design.

The project has been executed professionally and the communication was very efficient.

I can totally recommend them.

The remaining issues of the webpage such as a missing CSS are due to Google sites.

zero to sixty

by Douglas Barnes

My partner and I have gone from zero to sixty in just a couple of months with a small start-up business. We decided that a web site was essential for that business but neither of us had any website development experience whatsoever. We chose the combination of Google Apps for Business, Google Sites and Kirksville Web Design. We have worked primarily with Mr. Horst who knows the ins and outs and quirks of Google Sites. Those are important things to know because Google Sites is feature rich but with a few things that are only done the "Google Sites" way. Mr. Horst also helped us, primarily my partner, Angela Barnes, to learn enough along the way to do some of our own development and maintenance as well. We are very happy with the results and list Kirksville Web Design as a partner on our website at www.dabarnesgroup.com

Incredible Service. Amazing Results.

by Mike Vilanova

Kyle did wonderful work for our organization. His turnaround time was faster than any vendor I've worked with. He anticipated our needs, took our brand standards into consideration and made thoughtful, valuable recommendations. Its clear he "gets it." Our site looks great and most importantly we know we have a valuable partner whom we can collaborate with on future projects. In this day in age to have someone make work easy is a true gift. Thank you Kyle!

Fantastic communication and execution

by Pat Young

Kyle and his team were great in responding to our many inquiries, questions, and revisions. He is very open to direction and created a fantastic web page for us. Would highly recommend for anyone looking to make the most out of Google Sites. Kyle is the man! Thanks again!

Great job

by George Connell

I enjoyed working with Kirksville and would recommend them for other small businesses.

Work with Kirksville Web Design and bring Google Sites to life!

by Joe Tierney

Google Sites offer a tremendous amount of value and utility right out of the box; but if you really want to bring them to life, you need Kirksville Web Design. A well designed site is attractive, engaging, full featured and easy to use - you can't go wrong with Kirksville Web Design.

Kirksville Design makes Google sites more friendly and attractive to access

by Mike Quan

The team of Kirksville Design did help me a lot on my site transfer from Bell php hosting to Google sites, very help, very professional, and professional with a kind heart.

I really appreciate, Kyle, and will continue using your service, and refer more non html clients like me.

Great job.

Kirksville Web Design: Making Google Sites Cool

by David Spangler

The team at Kirksville We Design take Google Sites and make them awesome. While Google Sites provides singular design challenges, they work within the lines (and around and on top of) to make the Sites sing. We've worked with Kyle on a few projects already and would highly recommend him to anyone who needs to spice up their Google Site (or sites).


by Kristina

Kyle is truly an amazing person. He has the creativity to make a captivating design, an attitude that can get along with anyone, business savvy, and on top of that the ability to read your mind. (OK, so maybe mind reading is a stretch; but he sure could figure out what we wanted with what seemed like minimal information.) We couldn't be happier.

Kyle is easy to work with and will give you a quality product!

by Doug Bolen

When I was researching how to create a web site for my business I knew that I wanted to use google but did not want to spend days learning how to set it up and create a quality looking site. Kyle listens to your needs and gives you a quality product at a very good value! I highly recommend Kyle!

Excellent Service + Web Design

by Daniel Beckford

Kyle designed our site from scratch. At first we were quite apprehensive as we are based in the UK and was not sure whether long distance communication for our web design was the best way forward. Having worked with Kyle, from the offset, we were very impressed. Kyle kept us informed every step of the design process and acted immediately upon request. Project was delivered on time and the design was done to a high standard. Check it out for yourself www.gadgetrehab.co.uk

Fresh, Professional Designs Built Specifically for Google apps

by Erik Osterkamp

Kyle at Kirksville Web Design is the premier website designer for Google Apps Sites, which requires a somewhat unique approach to web development, as it's not the same as hosting a website with any other hosting company. Their design process and ideas are light years ahead of the Google-provided templates and anything a regular Jane and Joe would come up with using the basic toolset provided by Google.

Kyle interpreted our initial requirements into some wonderful design concepts that he then helped tweak and perfect to our liking. He is helpful in that personal touch kind of way where you know he is still putting his full attention into your project and ensuring it is successful from start to finish.

They are really onto something here.

Great Service

by Jonathan Friedman

I hired Kyle to take the design I already had for my website and handle the development end. We had many changes to the templates and a thousand little details that needed to be handled and Kyle did a great job following through on all of them and keeping his patience when the work grew beyond it's initial scope. I wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone who wants to build a website using google sites!

Top Notch Service & Design

by Ben Heinrich

We recently had the pleasure of working with Kirksville Web Design for the redesign/development of our new website and company logo. We received a very professional, unique and functional Google Site template along with complete logo design within our tight time constraints. We're very happy with both the site and the logo and look forward to working with Kyle and his team again in the future!


by Medhavi

We used Kyle to update our website and are very happy with the results. He was prompt and efficient. Great value. He has a very good eye for design. Easy to communicate with him as well.

Kyle at Kirksville Web Design is Awesome!

by Jody Duncan

Kyle has both a great eye for design as well as the technical skills to implement his designs. He was able to design and create a website for me in a few days. He also set up my Mail Chimp eNewsletter campaign that carries over the same look and feel of my website. The overall experience exceeded my expectations.

Professional, Polite, Classy

by Ben Smith

Working with Kirksville was a very easy and professional experience. I had no time to micromanage the creation of my site and little to no design experience. Kirksville made all of the tough decisions and created an extremely classy website for my law office. Kyle was extremely polite and professional and answered all of my questions and exceeded my expectations.

New Website makes a huge difference

by Brian Koester

Kyle @ Kirksville Web Design just completed our new website, and it is a huge improvement from our old site. I don't have to be embarrassed to refer customers to our site anymore. Kyle seemed to know exactly what we needed, he was quick, and stayed within our budget.

Professional and Expedient

by Kyle Block

Kyle was very responsive and helpful in designing two Google Site templates with specific needs and provided training on how to manage the sites. Highly recommended.

First Class!!! An Excellent Experience!

by Ernest McCutcheon

Early this year we had what every company dreads our website was hacked and we had to start again. Websites can cost thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours getting up again. We were lucky to be introduced to Kyle and Kirksville Web Design and have been very pleased with the relationship. Fortunately this time we got what we paid for which was everything we wanted and more.

Not only was Kyle professional but from the word "go" he made it happen. In the past little things we wanted to see were a fight to get done. This time Kyle's "can do" attitude allowed us to get the site we wanted. He was helpful and open to both taking suggestions and providing suggestions.

If you need a website we would highly recommend Kirksville Web Design!

Excellent partenaire pour nos missions Google Sites

by Olivier MARECHAL

Nous sommes une entreprise d'optimisation des systèmes d'information basée en France proche de Paris. En tant que client mais et surtout partenaire expert des solutions Google, nous recherchions depuis longtemps un partenaire professionnel du design sur les produits de Google Apps. Nous l'avons enfin trouvé cette année et avons mené ensemble, pour commencer, une mission de relooking complet de notre site Internet.

Nous avons vécu une excellente expérience en travaillant avec Kirksville Web Design. Wendy et Kyle sont super pro, ils posent les bonnes questions et sont force de proposition.

Pour nous chez OM Conseil, c'est décidé, nous travaillerons avec eux sur tous nos projets de design Web sur applications Google Apps. A très bientôt Kyle !

Olivier Maréchal

Créateur et dirigeant de la société OM Conseil, Vos conseillers et accompagnateurs informatiques

What Can I Say "Great Experience"

by Owen Kane

Kyle is great to work with and the design he worked out for us was and is exactly what we were looking for. Need a Logo design, web site or template, Kyle and Kirksville Web Design team are your go to people....

As a side note, I was lucky enough to get hooked up early on... make sure you check out the tutorials, these get you started and help you realize the true power of Google Sites. Then hire Kyle to make the site sing...

Such a pleasure!

by Helen Zane

It was so easy working with Kyle. He was (and is) incredibly responsive and professional. His designs were right on mark, and I so appreciate his orientation to customer service and customer satisfaction.

Prompt, Knowledgable Delivery of Service

by Laura Willoughby

In our business, we provide our clients a high level of service and an extraordinary experience. In order to be successful we need support like we get from Kirksville Web Design. From the ease with which designs can be created and updated to the efficient expertise, it has been a great partnership.

True and tested cloud partner

by Fredrik Linnander

We recommend Kyle & Co to all our Google Apps customers. Kyle have provided our customers in a professional manner, and we truly recommend their services to everyone.

Best regards Fredrik

Certified Google Apps Sales & Deployment Specialist

Totally talented work!

by Blair Collins

We've been looking for the right person to refresh our Google Site for over 2 years. At Interlockit.com we're great at Google Apps implementations, custom software integration, and programming Google Apps Script on Sites, but not strong with graphics. Kirksville did excellent work, highly recommended.

Kirksville Web Design

by Darren Williams

Kyle was very responsive and quick to implement my requests. He made the entire process a pleasure. We are very pleased with website that he put together for us.


by Mary Davy

I started using Google Sites because of all of the capabilities it could provide. I quickly saw I needed someone who could help me get all my sites working working efficiently and keep me "using" them, not building or fixing them. Kyle was extremely adaptive to my crazy schedule. He was fast, pleasant and brings extraordinary value to our business. We will use Kirksville Web Design for all of our Google Apps work. Many thanks!

Wonderful fresh approach

by Helen Alexander

Kyle at Kirksville Web Design designed a wonderful fresh and innovative website for my Aged Care business, keeping it simple but classy. He understood the brief immediately and was always there to happily make revisions and suggestions. The pricing was great and the service fantastic.

Would highly recommend! Keep up the good work Kyle.

Reasonable pricing, Great communication, Professional design!

by JerryDT

Kyle at Kirksville is a class act. He started out by making sure he understood exactly what we wanted in a website, offered honest and constructive feedback, designed our site and trained us on modifying it, and met our schedule to the day. Fantastic service, highly recommended!

The extra mile

by Michael Gumowski

Kyle is committed to good customer service. In our case he walked the extra mile, with several revisions and really listened to our suggestions. Well recommended.

President, Friends of Nolin Lake

by GW B

Kyle has a fabulous working knowledge of Google sites and has the great ability to share knowledge with those that aren't quite as "techy". I highly recommend Kirksville Web Design.

Excellent result

by Ben Macklin

I worked with Kyle on BWM Books.com. It turned out very well. While the time difference (I'm in Australia) sometimes made it tricky to communicate live, we used all the technology at our disposal to make it work. Very happy with the result and would recommend Kirksville Web Design. I may have another site where we can work together again soon.

Fast, helpful, generous

by Annie Beringer

Kyle really knows Google sites, which makes him fast and effective and an excellent value for money. But what I appreciate most about him is his willingness to teach us how to edit and maintain the site for ourselves. He saved us at least a few hundred dollars by showing us how to help ourselves, which came at his own expense.


by Shea Bennett

As a Google Apps Reseller, I come across all manner of Google vendors. However, when it came down to Google Sites. There's absolutely NO ONE on the Internet you should use except for Kirksville Web Design. Use this company! We now have a new partner...You would be foolish to use anyone else for your Google Sites customizations. These guys rock!

Good, affordable, help

by Daniel Flanigan

I worked with Kirksville Web Design to resolve certain roadblocks in my own development of our company intranet. Together we solved what I had not been able to solve myself. I'll definitely use Kirksville as my goto Google Sites consultant in the future.

Simply Excellent

by John

Kirksville Web Design has not only designed our site, but many of our customers sites. Excellent customer service, attention to detail and value. We will continue to use Kyle and his team.

quick practical creative friendly

by George Grace

i used kyle to polish the very rugged edges on my own efforts at building a google site. all of the above adjectives and he even laughed at my jokes.

Super helpful

by Robby J

I've been speaking with the guys at Kirksville regarding work on my google site. They've been super helpful and knowledgeable.

Great site, Great Value

by Michael Catanese, Jr.

Kirksville created a wonderful site that met all of my expectations. Kyle is easy to work with and very responsive. Many times I would come up with ideas for the site one at a time. Kyle worked hard to incorporate each idea for me and never seemed troubled by my countless emails. I highly recommend them!

Paying for Real Value

by mazia

We are always looking for business that adds value,reduce cost of maintenance and simple to use.Our association with KWD enable us to provide elegant websites that hosted on the best web platform.

Kirksville Web Design is MY designer

by Jessie Scott

Kyle is both professional and creative, which is great because my website isn't corporate, it's pretty, yet still clean. Great interchanges and very reasonable pricing. I'm not one to do reviews much, but there are SO many designers out there and I've heard SO many nightmare stories that I feel Kyle stands way above the crowd. 2 Thumbs up for Kirksville

Superb Service, Quality & Value for Money

by Stephen Dowey

I asked Kirksville Web Design to put together a moving photo display for my home page at www.imprological.com. They completed the work to the highest quality at a reasonable rate in a very short period of time. I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending them and their work to any potential customers. Indeed I fully intend to use them again in the future...

Stephen Dowey.

Kirksville We Design - A MUST TO KNOW, when it's time to customize Google Sites

by Guy Payeur

We had a new Google Site (website) up and running under a build-in template. The words job was done. Our next step was to create the image part of the site. We was in the need for a website designer that know how to do a custom template on Google Sites!!! Still rare creature!!! We found the right company ---> Kirksville Web Design : they have exceeded our expectation for the budget that we had. We will be please to refer Kyle and his team to any customer of ours that have a need for their services.

Good Job!

by Harry Jung

Kyle did great job! We are very satisfied with his results and definitely want to work together again in the near future! Many thanks!

Kyle from Kirksville Web Design was very helpful

by Mannix Clark

Kyle was great. He was no pressure and provided sample designs in just a few days. Also gave options to assist with updates in the future. I wanted to my web site in a Google Site and I think Kirksville Web Design is one of the most knowledgeable companies out there.

Kirksville Web Design was great

by Joe Hicks

CloudOpt was looking for an excellent and flexible designer who could work with us to produce our product site. We found Kirksville Web Design and really enjoyed working with them and liked the quality and timeliness of their work. We use Google Apps for all of our productivity, so it was a natural extension to use Google Sites for our product sites. The folks at Kirksville were professional and talented. We plan to continue to work with Kirksville, so when you chose them for your project, don't use up all of their time and save some for the rest of us.

Quality Work, Very Cooperative, Excellent Value for Money

by Aris Kormakopoulos

We started a new pastry shop in Athens, Greece and we wanted to create an online presence in order to present in a nice but cost effective way our products. We found the perfect partner in Kirksville Web Design. They conceptualized and designed a website according to our requirements in just a few days. They responded very fast to all our comments and they provided solutions to any technical issue within the same day. We now enjoy a well developed site whose content can be easily maintained by ourselves. And the value for money is just the right one for a small start-up enterprise like ours. We are very happy for our decision to cooperate with Kirksville Web Design. We recommend them without any reservation.

A good decision

by Ray Primack

I needed a new website on Google Sites. I searched on Google and found Kirksville Web Design. I described my needs and a draft was provided within 24 hours. Great collaboration with Kyle and pretty soon what I needed became a reality. Within a few days the new site was published and I am one happy guy. No price was mentioned up front and no deposit was requested. The bill was half of what I expected. Great job! Very satisfied customer. Highly recommended.

Great Fit, Good Service, Quality Work

by Tyler Johnson

We needed a professional IT company to help us with our Google Sites and Kirksville was a perfect fit. Thanks Kirksville!

Precise and Excellent Work

by vsmori

We were looking for a company that could develop a customized Google Sites for Us. They offer this service with speed, precision and quality. Definitively i recommend these guys.

Very Responsive

by Jeff Vandrew Jr

I was looking to have a professional website designed inexpensively. Kirksville Web Design keeps the cost down by using the Google Sites infrastructure, and still produces very professional websites. They are very responsive to requests for changes and had my whole site completed in a matter of days. Highly recommend.

Fabulous Work

by Fadi Ghayadh

We where looking for a good Webdesign Company that can help us provide Google Site Design services to our customers. and we found Kirksville Web Design to be fabulous resource.