About Google Sites

Google Sites is the Google website builder platform. Kirksville Web Design has designed literally thousands of Google Sites, from 500 page intranets to slick one-page landing pages.

The Best Google Sites on the Web

We know exactly what Google Sites is capable of for design and development. We are a trusted Google Sites designer / developer for small businesses, schools, non-profits and organizations in other sectors. Please review our portfolio below for Google Sites examples and contact us if you're ready to Go Google Sites.

What is Google Sites?

Google Sites is the Google website builder app. It is part of the core suite of Google Workplace apps for business, education and enterprise. Google Sites also comes with any free Google or Gmail account. So, it's Google's free website maker platform for creating public website or private intranets.

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Google Sites for Intranet

We design, develop and launch successful intranet solutions for large companies on Google Sites. We will help you make a strategic plan to use Google Sites for your next project. We start by designing a custom branded intranet template, then content migration, then training. Get an idea of the kinds of Google Sites intranets by viewing our example gallery. The whole intranet building process can be guided by us as your dedicated consultant.

How Companies Use Intranet Google Sites

We help organization's use Google Sites for intranets, project management sites, events, department news and the general dissemination of information throughout the organization. This work is typically described by terms like knowledge management and internal communications.

We can help you move off Sharepoint, Mediawiki, or Wordpress to this secure platform used by government, education and private industry companies. 

By filling out our contact form, a Google Sites intranet consultant will contact you to setup a Scope of Work meeting. We would love the opportunity to learn about your mission and vision.

Google Sites for Education & Schools

Thousands of schools around the country utilize Google Workspace for Education and there is a complete site builder platform available in Google Sites. Through the Google Apps admin console, administrators can set permissions for the use of Google Sites. Here are some examples of how Sites can be used in your school or school district:

We can help get a new website off the ground quick with Google Sites or help you migrate your school's old Classic Google Site to New Google Sites. 

Google Sites for Business

Making a website for your small business has never been easier or more affordable. With the right planning, you can publish a website in a matter of days. You can connect Google Sites to your custom domain and promote a website that drives traffic, leads and conversion with the help of Google Analytics and proper SEO tactics.

We have built hundreds of websites, but here a some particular businesses:

There is a reason we use Google Sites for our own website. From a business perspective it makes sense; Google Sites provides a reliable, free website building platform. Many businesses hire us to design and launch their websites.

General Google Sites Information

Complete Site Building Solution

Google Sites is integrated into the Google Workspace ecosystem and webmaster apps. This is a big deal! Google Sites already comes in the suite, for free, with all the other tools businesses rely upon and managed comfortably in the cloud.

Simple No Code Interface

The Google Sites we design are beautiful, easy-to-use and built custom from the ground up. There is a clear hierarchy so you can manage the website with no code, just like writing in your favorite Google doc.

On Brand Themes

We can customize everything in the theme interface including fonts, colors, backgrounds, images, icons. Google Sites should match the company brand with consistency while being new inspiration for web design. Your marketing and design teams will love you for the extra effort in this department.

Enterprise Security Settings

Google Sites conforms to the same standard of other Workplace apps and security is easily managed from area like the admin dashboard. But beyond that, Google Sites permissions are incredibly easy to configure. Google Sites is hosted in Google Drive, so expect the same security there.

Plugins with Embed Code

Embed dynamic content into your Google Site to keep your site fresh. Embed apps for news, ticketing support system, data tables and much more.

Google Security Backed Up

In addition to permissions level security concerns, reliability, uptime and back up support are of key importance for IT. Storage is managed in Drive and so are recovery options.

Custom Applications

We know it's easy to add a doc, calendar and spreadsheet, but custom development can involve deep data-driven systems.

User Experience Testing

Evaluation of user experience means planning, testing and objective metrics which we can find in Google Analytics. Let the user find everything simply and within as few clicks as possible in an effective Google Sites project.

Frequently Asked Questions about Google Sites

What is the Google Sites web building platform?

Google Sites is a web builder software offered for free by Google Inc. It is designed for both public websites, company intranets and private portals. It can also be used as a Wiki. It is included within the Google Workspace within its core productivity apps suite.

How does Google Sites compare to other popular CMS?

Google Sites can hold its own versus Wordpress, Squarespace, Wix and other similar no code site build software. It offers many similar features, but overall Google Sites is more apt as an intranet building platform, that being its primary purpose.

What does Google Sites cost? Are there any hosting fees?

Google Sites is free. It costs nothing to build, host and upkeep your Google Site. There are no fees with a personal Google (Gmail) account. There are no additional fees with a Google Workspace account as it is a baseline core app.

How difficult is Google Sites to use?

Google Sites is very easy to use. It has a similar feeling to a word processor and features drag and drop support. There is no HTML or CSS coding required to work well with Google Sites. Developing content is an easy job with Google Sites and you can quickly build pages or an entire site. Of course if you need any help with your Google Site there is an active help community and we provide Google Sites support too.

Can I use a custom domain (e.g. .com, .net, .org)?

Yes, you can use a custom domain (also called web address) with Google Sites. You can also configure DNS to point a naked domain to a subdomain such as www. Registering a domain name does cost money, at about $10-$15 dollars a year on average.

What kind of websites can you make with Google Sites?

Static, information (brochureware) style websites are easily handled in Google Sites. You can make many styles of websites with Google Sites. Google Sites is best used as a corporate intranet due to its inclusion in Google Workspace.

Google Sites is limited in ecommerce support and typically is not recommended for any large-scale stores.

Do I have to register for Google Workspace?

No, you do not have to register a Google Workspace account to use Google Sites in its full capacity. All features are available for free accounts.

How much storage space is there on Google Sites.

Google Sites is included in Google Drive storage.

Can Google Sites be used for dynamic or interactive websites?

Yes, because you can embed plugins in your website using the embed code function. You can also iframe in widgets from third-party applications.

What coding languages can be used with Google Sites?

Even though Google Sites is a no code site builder, you can use HTML, CSS, Javascript within Embed Code, but this is limited to set dimensions of the embed.

What can I connect with my Google Site?

Google Sites connects with many Google products like Google Analytics, Google Drive, Google Search Console and more.

Why choose a Google Website builder?

Google Sites is the only website builder platform by Google. There is no other platform like it in terms of an easy no code website building cloud based software.