Premium Google Site Themes

Themes with a professional aesthetic that look great on any device. Design the best Google Sites websites with these adaptable themes you can fully customize. Learn how to use your theme and browse the pro themes shop below.

Welcome to the Pro Themes Shop

Select a theme to learn more or purchase a theme to download instantly. Our designer put a lot of work into these unique sites with advanced features & layouts.

Ultima Portfolio

Contemporary styling, engaging animations and an immersive full page experience all in this ultimate portfolio. 6 pages to launch your personal online presence, skills and projects.

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Manrope Firm Theme

We built the modern classic website for a law firm, architectural firm or any other kind of professional agency. Pro typography and iconography installed.

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Orange Services Theme

Advertise your services with a colorful templates. We made this demo for home health care, but any professional service looks great here.

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Righteous Ecommerce Theme

Sell your products online with the help of Jotform integration. View sample storefront, buy now and product views.

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Pro theme for UX

DarkerSide Darkmode Dev Theme

Stand out with stark contrast in our fastest loading template with clear semantic headings approach in this pro theme. 5 pages.

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Pro theme for organizations

EcoStart Foundation Theme

Full image headers, clear call to action (CTA) and crystal clear typography perfect for organizations.

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Pro theme for professionals

DiTullio Consultant Theme

Color blocking pastel theme which you can easily change color. Refreshing simplicity for any professional.

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Pro theme for businesses

TechLauncher Startup Theme

Supercool tech startup Google Sites template with 5 custom pages. Or launch an app, a sleek product, a new portfolio.

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Pro theme for bloggers

Beautiful Start Influencer Profile

Full screen beach scenes, a show-stopping header and fun travel and influencer themed website.

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Pro theme for artists

High Art Artist / Photography

Huge full palette for photography, art or eportfolio. Even works for uploading your Google Sites resume and publishing personal projects.

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SitePaper Blog News Theme

Build a news site or niche blog filled with your unique copywriting. Easily duplicate article pages and news type layouts.

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B&B Property Real Estate

Create a website for your Airbnb or rental property quickly and easily. Whether it is a beachside vacation house or a cabin in the mountains, you can outline the features and amenities. 

Beach House Demo | Mountain Cabin Demo

Poppins Creative Agency Theme

Launch your agency in the right direction with a fresh, lively theme. Well-balanced page layouts and graphics easy to customize.

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Download a Google Sites Theme

Google Sites live in the cloud, more specifically Google's cloud. You can't export a theme to another site builder platform, nor can you directly download that theme to your computer. It's like Google Sites are there own format. In fact, in Google Drive, they are type:site, you can check that out in your next search. 

Transferring a Google Site

So there is no download in the traditional sense, but you can copy Google Sites across Google Drive and across Workspace domains. This is the basis for our sharing and selling Google Sites templates: copying and transferring ownership.

Themes to Import to a Google Site

The side menu while editing your site contains three broad areas: Insert, Pages and Themes. Besides the 6 basic themes created by Google, there is a section of this panel for Custom themes. From here you can:

Tips on importing a Google Sites theme

If you create or save a custom theme you can then import that very same theme into a new site. This imports colors, fonts, images, settings for navigation, components, spacing and more. Importing a theme will automatically change your entire site potentially. However, it won't change custom text you've input. It is only changing the defaults, like default headings, subheadings, default backgrounds, etc.

Google Sites theme editing sidebar interface
Settings for theme colors, fonts, spacing, etc.