Below are our frequently used pricing models for Google Sites work. 

You can also contact us for a custom quote for you based on your needs.

Fixed Firm Price - Project

$1000 Base + $100 per Page

Most Google Sites projects can be quoted based on these fixed figures. This way you know exactly what you will receive and what you will spend on your project.

No Ongoing Fees, Maintenance Fees, Subscription Fees! Your project is a one-time cost and we deliver all work to your Google Workspace domain or free Gmail.


You want an intranet site with a custom theme and 10 webpages for department landing pages, news and policies. Therefore, the quote is $2000 for a Google Sites project with the 10 webpages. Easy!

By the Hour - Project

$1000 Base + $100 per hour

Some projects require a project startup cost and then hourly work, either for Google Sites design, gadget development or graphic design.

Example: You aren't sure how much work is involved in your intranet, but you can spend up to $1500 for a Google Sites theme and help formatting some existing pages. 

By the Hour - Support

$100 per hour

Clients may need additional help with their website or intranet, so we offer Google Sites Support by the hour. We provide training and advice to help clients make the most of their sites.

Example: Your existing Google Site needs some updates to the content and a plugin developed for project management. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does Google Sites cost?

Google Sites is free. Google Sites is included as an application for personal Gmail accounts. It is also included in the Google Workspace suite of applications, which is a set of cloud-based paid productivity tools. 

How much does a Google Sites intranet cost?

There is no hosting, maintenance or other on-going costs associated with a Google Site or Google Sites intranet. This is why we are able to offer our services without any subscription fees. A Google Sites intranet can cost as low as a $1000 one time fee according to our pricing model.

Prices are subject to change according to client company size, breadth of scope of work, need for expediency and project complexity. 

What is your approach and process like for developing Google Sites?

We are very flexible on our involvement and amount of hand-holding required. In general we have the five steps below for completing a project. This is an end-to-end service where we can help with initial planning and end with launch, adoption and analysis.

We would like to request a proposal or quotation for Google Sites work, who do we contact?

Please contact our lead designer, Kyle Horst at kyle@kirksvillewebdesign with any RFP, RFQ or other requests for Google Sites project design, develop or support.