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This category includes any personal websites which might highlight your work, life, events, goals or talents. This may take the form of an eportfolio, business card website, resume, portfolio or any other site for an individual, couple or small team.

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Portfolio Examples

Google Sites is the ultimate online portfolio website maker because it is easy to design with, we have premade templates ready and your site will basically run forever on Google's own hosting servers. Therefore, once you design your portfolio it will be secure and always available online. It's easier to use than Github and cheaper to use than Wix. Create a gallery showcase, manage your projects, post your resume and launch a link tree style hub for yourself.

Kanit Studio

Impressive visual elements on a dark mode theme designed for studios, photographers, film makers and artists. Adapt this template for any personal projects too. Great for uploading your favorite HD photos.

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Ultima Portfolio

Contemporary styling, engaging animations and an immersive full page experience all in this ultimate portfolio. 6 pages to launch your personal online presence, skills and projects.

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Free Link in Bio Website

Pick your favorite color for a Link Tree type portfolio website. Add your profile photo, a quick bio, social media and links to shops, affiliates, blogs, websites, etc.

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Life Brain Organizer Site

Google built Notion alternative. Build your second brain organizer within Google Sites! This template gives you a head start with thoughtful guidance for tasks, projects, goals and life aspects. 

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DarkerSide Portfolio 

Stand out with stark contrast in our fastest loading template with clear semantic headings in this pro theme.

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Krona I

A simple version of our Krona site with a sample theme for Susan the designer. Available in three different styles in three different professions.

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Professional Resume

Professional Online CV Template or Business Card with profile, work experience, education, etc.

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Professional Resume II

Inverse color theme alternative to our lighter professional resume site. Same style in dark mode feel.

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DiTullio Consultant

Color blocking pastel theme which you can easily change color. Professional aesthetic highlighting services.

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Pro theme for artists

High Art Artist / Photography

Huge full palette for photography, art or eportfolio. Even works for uploading your Google Sites resume and publishing personal projects.

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Pro theme for bloggers

Beautiful Start Influencer Profile

Full screen beach scenes, a show-stopping header and fun travel and influencer themed website.

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Google Sites Wedding Template — Quattrocento

The no code solution for your big day, built with Google and super helpful for your attendees. Use the forms, maps and FAQs to inform guests.

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Why should I use Google Sites for my personal or work portfolio?

It's quick to build and easy to update a Google Sites portfolio. The WYSIWYG, drop-and-drop, editor streamlines the content creation process. Also, professionals love the opportunity for free hosting on Google servers, which are also solid as a rock. Essentially you can run your site into infinity without shelling out any monthly or annual fees.

Blogging, project galleries and templates are all supported with Google Sites. The easy learning curve and baseline features provide the perfect means to get your portfolio online.

How do I start building my portfolio website on Google Sites?

If you want a blank slate, just go to or If you want a head start and a killer portfolio-style theme, download the options we have here. Free and premium templates not only give you an aesthetic, but some ideas to build content.

Can students use Google Sites for a digital portfolio?

Yes, Google Workspace for Education makes Google Sites available for students unless disabled by a domain administrator. Typically teachers and students have full access to the application, although public publishing and sharing of Sites could be restricted. 

Once a student has graduated or transferred, they may be able to migrate their portfolio by making a copy to a personal Gmail or another Workspace domain. To do this, simply share your site to the other account and use the "Copy Site" action, or do so via Google Drive. If you cannot share Sites with external users, this will be much harder to pull off, even impossible unless manually copy/paste content.

What can students do with Google Sites for their portfolios?

Students can easily integrate Google Calendar, Google Drive documents and videos. All of these elements can be helpful for keeping track of educational resources and tracking learning progress. For example, 

Is Google Sites the best ePortfolio platform?

This is very subjective, but for Google Sites is designed for portfolios as much as intranets and wikis. It is the best if you want a completely free option without ads or other strings attached.