Analytics, Reporting and Insights for Intranets

How to Set Up and Install

We recommend you register, install and manage the follow applications for Google Sites intranets:

Google Analytics is the only app that you'll need to add a data stream ID to your site. You may need to verify domain ownership to get these tools running.

Why Use Google Analytics

Google Analytics is the powerhouse which intranet experts and internal communications staff will rely on most. You might need some help from a data scientist or statistician type to sift through the copious amounts of GA4 data, but the insights will be well worth the investment. In short, here are the benefits of using Google Analytics:

Here are the best areas to check out for relevant intranet reports:

Sales, conversions, goals and other areas probably won't have the import as with an ecommerce website.

Most Important Data to Report About Intranet Usage

How Looker Studio Improves Reporting on Key Metrics for Intranets

Looker is a data studio which allows for professional dashboards to be presented. These are dynamic in nature and even feature ways for the viewer to adjust filters and dates. Once you have a Looker page, charts and reports up and running, share them to operations or management. 

Contact us if you need help with any of the tools we discussed here. It can be a bit overwhelming for newcomers, so it makes sense to collaborate on clean and effective reporting solutions.