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Google Sites built from scratch for Google Workspace users.

What makes Google Sites a great intranet platform?

It's all about the integration with Google Workspace.

Google Sites is the best intranet platform because it has all the connectivity to the Google Workspace, formerly called Google Apps and Google Suite. Your organization uses applications like Gmail, Calendar and Drive everyday. Imagine adding a Google Calendar to show your upcoming meetings, embedding a spreadsheet driven chart and finding that elusive vacation request form. Google Sites is designed to make this the simplest process ever. You can bring everything together in a wiki, a hub, an intranet, whatever you want to call it.

How do I start a Google Sites intranet?

You can start one through Google Sites is so intuitive and it is easy to get started. Let us know when you want to take your intranet to the next level. We can custom brand a theme, install a directory and provide Google Sites support.

We're dedicated Google Sites Intranet Developers

Hundreds of Google Sites under our belt and counting. We've built effective intranets for small teams and big companies with thousands of employees. We can design a theme to get your IT department progressing or even a starter package of main pages and page templates.

Kirksville Web Design is also on board to develop your entire intranet or act as your resident Google Sites consultant. We've seen it all with Google Sites and that gives us insight to help your company build the best intranet. We'll also make sure your user experience is awesome, whether for 10 pages or 300.

Who have you developed intranets for?

We have loved working with companies, non-profits and other various organizations, helping them adopt Google Sites as their intranet. Those clients include Netflix, Google, Whirlpool, Roche, Teach for America. We've built a lot of trust and powerful references.

Google Sites intranet features

  • Successfully break away from Sharepoint, Happeo, Papyrus & Other Intranet Products

  • Discussion Forums, Powered by Google Groups

  • Google Currents communities for social media-like sharing of ideas

  • Google Workspace Embedded Widgets (Google Calendars, Google Docs, Forms and Maps)

  • Staff Directory Powered by Google Apps Script and Google Spreadsheets

  • Document Management Organize documents and sync with Google Drive folders

  • Videos & Media, Embed Vimeo, Youtube and Google Drive videos

  • Company Blogs & News, Announcements pages for CEO & Director news feeds

  • Social Media, Embed Facebook, Twitter and collated RSS feeds from industry sources

What are the Google Sites benefits for intranet?

Google Workspace Integration

Connectivity with the applications you use every day, including Google Calendar, Google Docs, Google Maps, and more.

Great user experience

It is important for company buy-in to create an intranet that is easy to navigate, looks great and functions exactly how you need it to.

Intuitive security and access permissions

Granular page-level permissions keep your intranet private for your Google Apps users. Single sign-on makes it easy to access, yet very secure. Assign owners, editors, and viewers.

Easy to use and maintain

No HTML coding required, editing and updating the intranet is like using a Word doc. It doesn't take much training to get this off the ground.

Customized for your company

Branding is very important and it's a great idea to carry the look and feel of your public website through to your intranet. A well designed and consistent presentation will encourage participation.


Kirksville Web Design has been designing and developing Google Sites websites since 2009. We love Google Apps and we love designing websites - we simply combined the two. Our clients have enjoyed professional websites that are integrated right into their Google Apps account. For example, we've designed for:

  • Professionals and Consultants

  • Small to Large Company Websites

  • Small to Large Company Intranets

  • Google Apps Resellers and Their Clients

Google Sites supports dynamic elements and Google Apps integration. jQuery slideshows, Google Docs and Calendars, social networking gadgets - we are taking Google Sites to its full potential.

Steps to a Google Sites intranet

  • Tell us about your business

  • We create a free draft

  • We revise it the design draft

  • We move it to your Google Apps domain

  • We finish the job with content migration and Google Sites training

More on our Google Sites Design process