Sites Starter

Awesome Google Sites templates to start your next website or intranet. 

Get professional sites directly in Google Drive from this Workspace Marketplace add-on.

Create Google Sites From Professional Templates All Within Google Drive

Here are just some of the examples of Google Sites templates available.

Creative websites with custom elements.

Templates to get start on the company intranet

Bold portfolio sites that inspire

Google pages to start your business

Responsive and SEO-friendly designs

Even ecommerce integrations on Google Sites

How does Sites Starter work?

It's super-easy to install from the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Search for "Sites Starter" or even "Google Sites" since we are the first developer to publish this kind of app. 

Our app works with Drive so you can directly copy Google Sites templates to My Drive.

Install the app to your Workspace domain or to any personal Google account. Please allow the app to copy Google Drive files for you.

2. Browse Templates

Launch "Sites Starter" from the + New docuemtn menu or from the far right sidebar. Once our templates load in you can scroll or filter results.

While browsing templates, view any Google Sites template as a live demo. This is especially helpful on our premium templates where we've designed multiple pages.

3. Get Your Template

Free Templates - You can make a copy of free templates directly to your Drive

Pro Themes - Complete payment safely and securely with Lemon Squeezy. Afterwards, your template access will be emailed to you.

Template Features

Press Release & Press Kit

A press kit, also known as a digital press kit or digital media kit, is a page on your existing website that contains resources and information for reporters and publishers. The best press kits make it easy for reporters to learn about a product and brand, and to access photos and marketing materials they can use in a story.

Traditionally, a press kit referred to a set of documents, photos, and materials that were sent to media outlets for promotion. Today, technology has changed how press kits are used. Reporters can now come to you to find information about your company.


What's the difference between your free and premium Google Sites templates?

Play around with the free templates, but invest in pro templates which come with support and more pages.

About Sites Starter

🚀 Sites Starter has over 50 templates available for business websites, online portfolios and company intranets. Every template provides a custom theme with curated font choices, graphics, images and page layout ideas.

📋 Getting started is just an easy three stop process. 

First, browse our template categories to find a suitable example. Remember, all templates are flexible and can be completely customized.

Second, copy the template to your own My Google Drive.

Last, jump into edit mode, play with your site and upload content. When you are ready you can publish it and even add a custom domain.

🙋‍♂️ Why choose Google Sites™?

• No-code: You don't need to know HTML/CSS to fully design your site. Use a simple drag and drop interface to add your content. Easily insert widgets.

• 100% Free: Every Google account comes automatically equipped with Google Sites™. There are no pricing tiers or hosting costs.

• Secure & Stable: Private sites and intranets are secured in Google Drive™. Websites are hosted on Google servers, have stellar 99% uptime and protected against hacking.