Google Sites for Schools

The perfect, low-cost, low-maintenance option for schools & school districts. Create an easy-to-navigate website that teachers, parents and students will appreciate. Google Sites is also a web solution that alleviates stress on IT teams, directors, administrators and tech coordinators who are already stretched thin in terms of bandwidth.

Create a School Website with Google Sites

If your school is running Google Workspace for Education, Google Sites in an extremely appealing option for building a website. Here are some key benefits to hosting a school site with Google:

Web Designer Flexibility to Match Your Budget

We have engaged with school districts at many different levels to provide web services, including training and support. When you present your project will can provide several plans and approaches which impact pricing.

Example School Websites

Kirkville Web Design has designed many websites for schools in the United States. We love supporting teachers and even provide free templates for teacher sites, classrooms and student profiles.

The Current Situation

We all have seen websites fall into disrepair in the sphere of education. Many websites for schools, districts and area service districts have been built upon platforms which are difficult to maintain for the average in-house IT team; perhaps it was Joomla, Wordpress, Drupal or otherwise. Thousands of educational organizations have adopted Google Workspace for Education and so there is good news by way of Google Sites.

A Real Website Solution

We propose to tech coordinators, administrators and IT teams consider a real long-lasting solution to the aforementioned issues. Let's take a look at each of the corresponding solutions. 

Google Sites can facilitate as the easy to use platform already available and free to use.

What Clients Say About Google Sites for Education

Kirksville Web Design is our go-to partner for Sites design. When we show others the projects Kirksville completed for us, the most common reaction is "Wow! I didn't know Sites could look that good!"

Netdemics CEO, John Meixner

As a Google Apps school district, we chose a website solution built exclusively in Sites. Why not, since we teach Sites to students for their portfolios and to teachers for their course webpages? We live and work in the Google Apps ecosystem; shouldn't our website reflect that dynamic space? It’s also worth noting Sites' page permissions feature, which allows for shared responsibility of updating content. Our campuses are dynamic places, with stories to tell about academics, sports, clubs, cultural events, even campus emergencies. Using Sites, with its integration with Docs, Calendar, Forms & Maps, is a logical, flexible website solution for schools and simply made smart sense for Placer Union.

Placer Union High School District Director of Technology, Gregg Ramseth