We design Google Sites, so hire us as your designer & developer

Our Pitch

Hire Kirksville Web Design as your Google Sites designer to create a unique, custom-designed Google Sites website. We can help you secure a domain name, mock up a template & home, then take your web project all the way to launch. We include everything you require in our scope of work, including top-notch SEO. We love to design, so you will first receive a quote and a no-obligation design draft, that is, a template and sample home page.

So, we can do:

  • Web design / Intranet Wiki Design / Intranet Consulting

  • Knowledge Management

  • Migration to New Google Sites

  • Graphic Design & Logo Design

  • SEO, Analytics and Adwords Support

  • and probably more if you just ask...

Our Pricing

How much does a Google Sites website cost?

Google Sites are extremely inexpensive when compared to other platforms (Wordpress, Joomla, Drupal, Custom). Our quotes are based on the complexity of your project and the number of pages you require. We used a fixed site + # of pages formula to provide the best deal.

Are there any monthly or annual fees?

No. Google Sites is included in your G Suite core package. Get a website or intranet with free hosting using Google Sites.

When do we pay?

Most often we require 50% payment prior to building on your Google Apps account. Then 50% as a final payment, when everything's done.


$1000 + $100 / hour

Some projects require a project startup cost and then hourly work, either for Google Sites design, gadget development or graphic design.

For example: You aren't sure how much work is involved in your intranet, but you can spend up to $1500 for a Google Sites theme and help formatting some existing pages.


$1000 + $100 / page

Most projects can be quoted based on these fixed fees. This way you know exactly what you will receive and what you will spend on your project.

For example: You want an intranet site with a custom theme and 10 webpages for our department home pages. The cost is $2000 for a custom Google Site and the 10 webpages.


$100 / hour

At the end of our projects, clients may need additional help with their website or intranet. We provide training, maintenance and help to established clients.

For example: We built your website and you want us, Kirksville Web Design, to make periodic updates and design new content.

*Note, these prices are subject to change and quotes can be different based on the complexity of your particular project. Costs can be higher or lower depending on your needs, budget and timeline.