Embed that Social Media

Official Twitter Feed & Facebook Gadgets

We use the official gadgets by Twitter and Facebook to stream your social media content directly into a Google Sites intranet. These gadgets will definitely display your company culture and let your staff know what's new.

The Twitter feed is super easy to change to. Just plug in your Twitter widget ID into the gadget properties. No coding required.

The Facebook feed is the original HTML5 code embedded through a Google gadget to a Google Site.

Bring News into your Google Site

RSS Feeds to syndicate relevant content to your users

RSS Feeds are everywhere and it can be incredible to leverage news from the world web into an intranet. For example, if you are an Eco-Manufacturing company, you want to display to top news regards green energy and sustainable culture. The RSS Feed for Google Sites provides the fresh, dynamic content that keeps everyone in the loop.

  • Grab multiple RSS feeds and combine them into one gadget.
  • Enable mouse-over article descriptions (basically you can read a snippet of the article without going to the article itself).
  • Automatically floats the newest posts to the top
  • Google Groups can have RSS enable, so your company discussion can be displayed.


A company intranet can be a living, growing organism. Therefore it is important to have information be accessible and the user experience be simple. Our navigation gadgets can be customized to be horizontal or vertical. The auxiliary navigation provides users another means to drill down to subpages.

Since the default Google Sites navigation only provides for main navigation and dropdown menus. This supplement is crucial when there is a need for a third level navigation.

Slideshows & More

We designed a separate site to house all our experiments with New Google Sites using the Embed Code feature. In addition, we have some other helpful tools there for you to check out.