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Full gallery of widgets, gadgets, tools and apps for Google Sites.

People Directory for Google Sites

Create an intranet who's who from the Google Workspace active directory. We use the Apps Script Admin SDK to pull domain contacts, employees and users all into Google Sheets. Once the data is in Google Sheets, we can utilize other tools to visualize an attractive directory into Google Sites.

Display Domain User Data Live

The sites intranet directory will always be up to date an display user profile information like:

Search and Organize Across the Organization

Staff directories are easy to navigate when upgraded from a simple Google Sheet to an Awesome Table. Features of this secure app include:

Awesome Table

The Power of Google Sheets Data Visualized on Your Site

We proudly partner with Awesome Table to import data in Google Sheets and showcase it on your intranet, import data in your spreadsheets by connecting to data sources of choice, showcase your spreadsheet data in a website by creating interactive people staff directories, maps, catalogs, FAQs, in-site taggable and filterable news feeds, and much more.

Embed Org Charts

An org chart can be as simple as development of HTML & CSS in Google Sites. Similarly, an image or PDF of a published org chart can be sufficient for small organizations would experience less turn around. Besides building this directly into the Google Site, what are options are available? Let's discuss a few popular products and how they behave in Sites.

The Org

An excellent org chart publishing option that is free, but also public. If your organization is transparent about organizational structure, leaders, management, operations, etc, then no problem. Embeds with collapsible menus, profiles and search functions.

View a The Org example org chart


Pingboard is quite the all-inclusive program for org charts, directories, profiles, onboarding and more. This appealing package may be just what your company is looking for, or may be over the top depending on your goals and budget. Regardless, the plugins from Pingboard all look great on Google Sites and provide accessible employee information.

View a pingboard embeddable example


Another great platform for org charts and this one is free up to 150 employees! Easy visual builder to create your org chart and then embed it into Sites. Search, filter, zoom and interact with the live example iframed into your intranet site.

View their webpage about org charts with a video

Google Slides

Slides may be the most accessible org chart builder for Google Workspace users and one platform many are already familiar with. As you know, Google Slides gives you many of the tools for easy diagram, flowchart and therefore, org chart design. Inserting Slides into Google Sites is already a streamlined process. This is a no-added-cost type solution and I'm sure templates are available to start from.

Lucid Charts

You can create an org chart in Lucidchart with a template or by importing your employee data. It’s possible to collaborate and change positions. With org chart software, large organizations will have structures and relationships between departments that are easy to read. Permissions options allow view-only access for information or the administrator can edit the organizational chart.


An org chart is a great way to visualize your company's decision makers and general hierarchy. SmartDraw makes it easy to create an org chart. Just enter your information in the default template and watch as SmartDraw creates a professional-looking chart for you.

Pingboard example

Lucidchart example

Charthop Example

Copy of Organizational Charts by Slidesgo

Google Slides and Template by Slidesgo

Awesome Table Org Charts

Advanced customized org charts which a Google Sheets "reporting to" structure and then visualized with Awesome Table. We customize the HTML and CSS in Awesome Table to present functional charts beautifully. We can add directory information and employee profiles in the sidebar directly from the Workspace directory with Apps Script Admin SDK.

Embed that Social Media 

Official Twitter Feed, Facebook, Instagram Gadgets for Google Sites

We use the official gadgets by Twitter and Facebook to stream your social media content directly into a Google Sites intranet. These gadgets will definitely display your company culture and let your staff know what's new.

The Twitter feed is super easy to change to. Just plug in your Twitter widget ID into the gadget properties. No coding required.

The Facebook feed is the original HTML5 code embedded through a Google gadget to a Google Site.

The Instagram widget we use is the official embed page provided by Meta.

How Jotform Improves Google Sites

Jotform brings many easily embeddable elements into Google Sites

We have used Jotform for many years on our Google Sites projects. Here are the top use cases for Jotform in intranets:

Useful settings for Jotform

Here are some of the powerful advanced settings available to Jotform users:

I'm sure you can imagine how IT, HR and any other department team can benefits from these capabilities.

Screen from Jotform showing conditions, integrations, approvals and other functions in settings

Bring Industry News into your Google Site

RSS Feeds to syndicate relevant content to your users

RSS Feeds are everywhere and it can be incredible to leverage news from the world web into an intranet. For example, if you are an Eco-Manufacturing company, you want to display to top news regards green energy and sustainable culture. The RSS Feed for Google Sites provides the fresh, dynamic content that keeps everyone in the loop.

New Google Sites Widgets Laboratory

We designed a separate site to house all our experiments with New Google Sites using the Embed Code feature. In addition, we have some other helpful tools there for you to check out.