Google Sites Examples

The best Google Sites examples of 2024 in a curated gallery of inspiration for web designers, Google Sites contributors and theme builders.

Google Sites, like any other platform you are designing on, requires some inspiration to get started. We've assembled here a showcase of Google Sites examples to serve as web design inspiration. Get ideas for look and feel of your next Google Sites website project. Explore these samples to inspire your next font choice, site layout or general aesthetic. KWD has an eye for Google Sites design, being a leader in the field for 10+ years, so we've found the best, beautiful, bold, clean Google Sites themes from around the web. And for even more idea, use one of our templates to get started in a fun direction.

Houston Thyroid & Endocrine Specialists

Google Sites works brilliantly for doctors offices, medical consultants and healthcare professionals. You can create hundreds of pages of content for procedures, treatments, services and patient resources. We've designed for dermatologists, dentists, specialists and allergists. Google Sites free websites are easy to maintain for busy practices or office managers. 

Innotech Fleet Strategies

An awesome website with a high-tech feel for a fleet consulting and engineering company. Clean photography, futuristic textures and backgrounds complete a templates for a solid five page website.

View of website for Innotech Fleet Strategies


This non-profit charitable organization for the English and Welsh community has a bilingual website for both language groups. A people centric, strong cultural foundation creates a warm atmosphere while highlighting volunteer commitment on this community Google Site.

View of website for charitable organization

Tax Automation Group

When it comes to taxes you definitely want a website that shows professionalism and trustworthiness and this Google Site delivers on those fronts. Clear typography, crisp images and a no-frills approach on this consulting firm website makes visitors feel at ease. Also, the color-coded icon pack and custom buttons fit in well with the template as a whole. 

Example of webpage on the Tax Automation Group website

High definition stock photos, custom treatments and a pastel color treatment on the website design allow for a fun take on Google Sites. This inspiring Google Site also uses collapsible menus, slideshows and contact forms to creatively present relevant content. 

Screenshot of a well-designed google sites theme

Pathways Community Network Institute

Community not for profit partner with a website connecting people to local resources.

Pathways Community Network website

Allergy, Asthma and Immunology Center of Alaska

Professional website for a medical center with links to patient resources, important news and publications and doctor page profiles. Includes maps, videos and data for the Anchorage community. Google Sites works great for a doctor's office, medical practice, clinic or center.

Example of a doctor website template applied to an allergy center

Placer School for Adults

Google Sites for Education and an amazing portal for this school. School websites are accessible, easy for staff to manage and free to run indefinitely. It's also a good option for school districts, committees, parent-teacher organizations, clubs, sports teams and much more.

Google Site for a school

Insight Advisors NW

Premium Google Sites website for a consultant blending clean fonts with concise copy marketing well their financial planning content. This is an excellent Google Sites consultant site example because it clearly outlines the primary services, which in this case includes professional financial advice. 

Financial advisor website sample

Google Sites Example for an Attorney or Law Firm

Lawyers have been making good use of Google Sites for years because it allows free hosting of static content. The key to a successful site a law office or firm is for it to convey authority via a modern design. No one wants to see a website stuck in the 90s when searching for an attorney. Moreover, lawyers often appreciate the easy content creation process for writing new pages, articles, case studies and blog posts that Google Sites facilitates. 

This Manrope Law example provides a boilerplate for legal services, a form for free consultations and a contemporary aesthetic scheme. The fonts and color balance are timeless, so even if this site is parked for years it never looks out of date. 

View Manrope Law Firm Example Template

Example Nursing & Caregiver Services Website

In line with resume examples and professional services websites, Google Sites is a quick and easy option to create advertising for nursing or caregiving. These elderly care services are increasingly popular and a website provides a straightforward method for family to locate providers. Trustworthiness will be apparent and emphasized with an exceptional website. Google Sites won't break the bank, being very affordable for individual or small business.

This example prominently features a monotone pink color scheme with an elaborate script typeface. Suit your own personal style when adapting Sites templates.

More New Small Business Websites Built on Google Sites

Eagles Corps International Consulting

Auctions, appraisals of rare items, collectibles and antiques all across the United States. This website features custom graphics, full display slideshow, branded icons, galleries, auction information, advanced contact forms and a classic theme design that is fully responsive. 


How Can I Find More Examples of Google Sites and Website Inspiration?

Since we are Google Sites designers and have been for many years, we have tons more examples we can share with you. The above selections are only a sampling of what we have designed. We are confident we can design a website inspired by work on any other platform. So if you find a nice Wordpress site, or a Squarespace template that you are impressed with, then suggest it to us. We might take your advice and design it for Google Sites. So keep track of our new Sites templates, news and client testimonials like this one from Georgia Libraries. We look forward to sharing more work with you.

What are the best kinds of websites suited for Google Sites as a site builder?

Static, informational and simple websites do wonderfully on the Sites platform. Think of your website as a sort of brochureware. Whatever content you would put on a brochure for your business should be a perfect fit for Sites. Of course it is not simply limited to text and images. Google Sites as a digital web builder medium affords opportunities to embed gadgets, videos and animations.