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Kirksville Web Design is an intranet developer specializing in the Google Sites app, which is part of the core suite of collaboration tools on Google Workspace for Business, Education & Enterprise. Our client-focused custom intranet solutions have served enterprises bent on increasing employee knowledge, engagement and performance. Learn more about our responsive intranet development to streamline your business and our philosophy on the role of the partner intranet developer.

About Intranet Development on Google Sites

Google Sites is a unique platform to utilize for intranet development due to its position in the heart of the primary productivity applications of Google Workspace (formerly G Suite or Google Apps). Google Sites is the easiest and most cost-effective option for corporate intranet, wiki and team project sites seeing that is baked into an organization's existing Google Workspace license. Therefore, our mission is to leverage Google Sites in the best way possible to create engaging user experience and objectively-verifiable high performance intranet experiences.

What is an intranet developer? 

The responsibilities and roles of an intranet developer vary by project. However, here is a sort of job description to define the general tasks assigned to a hired intranet developer:

Hire a Google Sites Developer

A Google Sites developer is specialized to consider the feasibility of your project on the platform and is able to recommend solutions, applications and third-party plugins that help meet project requirements. Google Sites is different from Sharepoint in its interface and functionality. Talk to a Google Sites developer to plan the best approach to organizing, presenting and publishing intranet content.

Kyle Horst Portrait Photo

Kyle Horst

Lead Google Sites Developer

What is a Google Sites Developer?

A Google Sites developer is a professional who creates, customizes and manages Google Sites. There are two schools of Google Sites development according to the dual purpose of Google Sites: intranet development and web development. A developer may have one or both of these specializations. 

What Does a Google Sites Developer do?

The job description includes website and webpage customization to accomplish the functional goals of a web property. A developer works hand-in-hand with a web designer to provide a beautiful, yet useful Google Site. Developers are concerned with integrating applications to achieve objectives related to document management, user input and accessibility. This may include developing solutions using:

Roles & Responsibilities

Google Sites developers are primarily driven by the interactive, dynamic and functional requirements of a project. A professional developer will find cost-effective solutions, perhaps free solutions within the Google Workspace ecosystem, to increase the usefulness and value of a Google Site. Typically, these solutions are embedded widgets (also called gadgets) in Google Sites

Here are some the key responsibilities to highlight:

How to Hire — Tips & Techniques

To hire the best developer for your Google Sites intranet or project, we have several recommendations:

It is important to find a competent, but modest developer for your project. If solutions are readily presented in a kick-off meeting or interview, allow time for research to be conducted on feasibility. A simple mockup can often be requested for advanced Google Sites plug-ins. However, keep in mind some data may not be accessible by API or able to be embedded on websites.

Google Sites Developer Jobs

Currently it is quite common to find developers providing full stack solutions since the scope of Google Sites work is fairly limited. Jobs include developing websites, intranets, team sites and templates. We also bid on jobs found on Upwork for Google Sites support.

Google Sites Web Developers Documentation

The Google Sites API for access to modify site content programmatically is still under development. The road map for the future of Google Sites confirms this is a priority, but no news has been announced for a release date yet. Therefore, documentation is restricted primary to the front-end development of Sites. 

Documentation can also be considered from other Google apps like Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms and form since these can be embedded into Sites. API and Google Apps Script allow for applications to be enhanced and then used in conjunction with a Google Sites project.


Is there coding in Google Sites? What code languages are supported?

You cannot add code to the <head> section of Google Sites. HTML, CSS and JavaScript can added as code within <embed code> widgets which operate within a designated position.

Has an API been released for Google Sites?

No. This is an open issue for the Google Sites team.

Intranets & Kirksville Web Design

Developing an intranet is quite the undertaking and expert guidance will help the process go as smoothly as possible. A Google Sites developer partner like Kirksville Web Design is an amazing asset to the project manager or steering committee of the intranet. We can help our clients create with confidence, share successful strategies and develop custom features that integrate seamlessly with Google Sites.

Our Intranet Development Services & Solutions

Why choose Kirksville Web Design as your Google Sites developer, partner or consultant? We are flexible to the role your organization needs with intranet development. Let's review four reasons to consider working with us on your next project.

Experience led & outcome focused design approach

We are a full stack solution provider that has completed the entire intranet development process for hundreds of clients. We solve for client requirements, branding expectations and a truly useful internal communications tool. We are focused on our customer's satisfaction with a solution that can be monitored for objective adoption results. We offer ideas to streamline business and suggestions to boost employee engagement.

Trusted delivery on client expectations

Our development services are efficient and often come in under budget. Our delivery is timely because we have gathered all the relevant tools, templates and practices to quickly create a bespoke Google Sites solution. Clients expect a solution that enables their content managers. We minimize subscriptions to unnecessary third-party products or hacks that take independence away from end users. We build almost purely on Google Sites, Google Workspace and vetted secure tools. This results in a solution matched to your goals which is easy to maintain going forward.

Best intranet developers in our Google Sites niche

It's no mystery that there is a small pool of designers and developers who specialize in Google Sites work. We rank among the top experts in Google Sites because of our experience with respected clientele, positive reviews & references and large portfolio of sample designs. 

Transparent, collaborative, communicative experts

We like to work with full transparency to the client. You can actively check on the Google Sites project shared with you to track progress or even review site revision history. We love using Google Chat, Meet, Docs, Sheets, Spaces, Slack and more to collaborate and implement feedback. We are available for support when you need us and your project is developed in the open.

About Kirksville Web Design

Google Sites Intranet Developer and Website Designer

We've used Google's website builder for over a decade and here we share our company background. We have successfully carved out a secure niche as a Google Sites developer while modestly expanding in services surrounding Google Workspace.

Trusted Google Sites Designer Since 2010

Kirksville Web Design (KWD) has been making the best Google Sites intranets and websites since 2010. Our company almost exclusively operates in the niche of a Google Sites designer and developer.

We are a trusted top intranet developer with a tremendous backlog of brilliant companies as clients. We are recognized as a top contributor and expert in the Google Sites design field and among the earliest to adopt the platform for website design in addition to intranet and wiki design.

Lead Google Sites Designer and Owner, Kyle Horst

Kyle is a St. Louis, Missouri  native who started KWD soon after graduating from university. Kyle is the lead designer of all websites and intranets, but also a top contributor product expert on Google Sites. He is an advocate and influencer for Google Sites related content with a wide social media presence among Google Workspace customers and partners.

History of Kirksville Web Design

Kirksville Web Design was formed in 2010 in the small town of Kirksville, Missouri USA by Kyle Horst. Google Sites was released in 2008 by Google Inc. and this technology was immediately chosen as the platform for Kirksville Web Design to build sites upon due to its low cost, reliability and ease of use.

Map of Kirksville, Missouri

Started in Kirksville, Missouri

Kirksville Web Design

A Trusted Google Sites Designer Since 2010

Why Design with Google Sites?

We quickly became known as Google Sites designers who brought first rate design and Google integrations together in Sites. We have a long list of testimonials from all types of organizations. 

We also incorporated third party applications into Google Sites along with the standard Google applications available like Drive, Calendar, Groups, etc. These third party applications, such as Twitter, Flickr, Slideshows and navigation menus made our Sites practical in addition to stylish.

Entering the Intranet Developer Space

At first, our goal was to help small businesses have a beautiful website that they can own, maintain, and afford. This has become a cooperative goal since we have begun to focus on building private company intranets and portals

There are abandoned, chaotically-designed, and unimpressive websites all over the internet. Likewise, there are many intranets which are abandoned, disorganized and built on proprietary platforms such as Sharepoint, Happeo, or just old versions of Google Sites. We provide professional support to organizations using Google Sites. We wish to serve all organizations interested in something new, branded beautiful and well-organized. 

Google Sites Related Services - Local SEO, Google Workspace Partner

Starting out with a simple plan to build websites, we've developed into a marketing and advertising partner to companies throughout the world. We own the subsidiary, Columbia Web Design, which markets to local businesses, encouraging them to adopt Google Workspace.

In the process of being a Google Sites designer, we are a Google Workspace Authorized Reseller. We have really grown to offer services throughout the Google applications. We can set up your domain, email, website and intranet in one go. We have seen the tremendous trend towards the cloud and therefore we strive to provide the best customer service, user experience and sense of style. We are also well-known for our friendly support, including helpful articles in our support database.

For any news or developments, or even to stay on top of Google Sites product updates, please refer to our newsroom page.