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Get Google Sites templates for teachers free of charge. We also have templates for students which they can use as semester or year long portfolios, hosting their work, projects, achievements and progress. Google Workspace for Edu creates a wonderful way for all to integrate docs, sheets, slides and forms right into Sites within a few clicks.

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Our Mission to Support Education with Free Google Sites

We are removing all barriers to using our templates for schools, teachers and students as a special service. Get direct access to all Sites instantly, no form submission necessary. If you would like to support our volunteer work, then consider adding a link to this webpage on your official school/university IT department site. Thanks!

Lesson Plan Template for Teachers to Use with Google Sites

The Lesson Plan

Build a lesson plan just like using a Wiki without the markup and Notion without the hassle. We show you how to add Figjam directly in your Google Site, which is live and interactive.

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Capstone Student Project

Organize your research, present your work and impress your educators. Various tools and apps on pages.

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School Teacher Site

The template crafted for teachers, their profile or curriculum. Start a free Google Site for your classroom.

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School Teacher Site II

Alternate theme to show off the way you can design a Google Site to match school colors.

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Student Profile Site

Chart student achievements, goals, classes and activities in this site for the student's learning journey.

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Professor Bio Site

Share current classes, teaching, writing, interviews, media and a biography for university.

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Just Graduated

Introduce yourself, your education, research, credentials and resume. Great practice for students.

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Classroom Template

Provide a class overview complete with schedule and a space for class newsletters and resources.

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Templates:  Free  |  Premium  Education  |  Business  |  Portfolio  |  Intranet

How to Get Google Sites Templates for Teachers Free?

The templates we designed for teachers, featured above, are all free with direct access to Google Drive folders. There is no checkout, registration or sign up required to download these templates, although they are still subject to our terms of use. Once you click "free access for edu" you can make a copy of your favorite Google Sites template for education. Our other templates are also quite suitable for education, so please browse those too for Google Sites ideas and inspiration.

Keep in mind, there is no marketplace for Google Sites templates official built into the platform. We hope you find our private contribution to the techedu and student community helpful. This is the best place to obtain these custom themes with pre-developed pages specific to the educational audience. IT administrators may find it helpful to link to this resource from their staff/teacher portals. So teachers, students, educators, school districts administrators, principals and committees, please make use of our work to get sites up quickly.

How Can Teachers Use Google Sites?

How Do I Share Sites with Students?

If you wish students to make a copy of a template, they will either need viewer access to a Google Drive folder containing the Google Site or editor access to the Site itself. The copies they make though might be hard to track down since it defaults to copying to "My Drive." 

The alternative is to use Google Drive to copy and paste a site for the number of students, then sharing them out to individual students. That way all the sites stay in the same centralized folder. Note if student are a folder editor they could unintentionally, or maliciously, delete other students work!