Convert Your Google Site

We can help you successfully convert your Classic Google Site to New Google Sites

According to a post by the Google Sites Team, the deadline to convert to New Google Sites extended. Take advantage of the extra 6 months to plan a successful migration of your intranet and team sites.

Do you need help moving your Classic Google Sites Intranet to New Google Sites?

Migrating, or converting, your intranet can be a daunting task and we want to help make this move easier. We've been helping clients convert their sites for years now, ever since New Google Sites became available. We are fully aware of the challenges organizes face with content management and site design.

Are you unable to edit your Classic Google Site or Create a new Site?

Classic Google Sites features are being progressively disabled in a move to sunset, or retire, the platform. Do not delay in planning to convert your website, portal, intranet, to New Google Sites. New Google Sites has many of the same features as Classic Sites and we have a handy tool to convert your site, effectively moving all your content.

Does your converted Google Site look bad?

The conversion tool does a rough job at moving all your content, pictures and documents over to New Google Sites. You'll want to design a new theme for your site and begin the task of cleaning up your new site: formatting webpages, reorganizing, restructuring the navigation and using new widgets. If you need help or an expert to consult with, please reach out. We will be glad to evaluate your site.

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