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We can help you successfully convert your Classic Google Site to New Google Sites

Update September, 2023: Final reminder emailed out warning that all Classic sites will be taken down by end of 2023. (Copy Below for Reference)

Update August, 2023: Classic Google Sites are being auto-migrated and the classic copy deleted. Avoid website down time by preparing your new Google Site for publishing.

Update December, 2022: According to a post by the Google Sites Team, the deadline to convert to New Google Sites extended. Take advantage of the extra 6 months to plan a successful migration of your intranet and team sites. Check news on Classic Google Sites sunset

Do You Need Help Moving Your Classic Google Sites Intranet to New Google Sites?

Migrating, or converting, your intranet can be a daunting task and we want to help make this move easier. We've been helping clients convert their sites for years now, ever since New Google Sites became available. We are fully aware of the challenges organizes face with content management and site design. 

Convert any site or intranet to Google Sites regardless of platform

We would be happy to discuss the options available to your company for the migration, conversion or move to Google Sites from another platform like Sharepoint, Notion or another wiki building site.

Convert Wordpress websites to Google Sites

Wordpress is great for blogging or ecommerce, but for a static business website it may be overkill. Consider benefiting from free Google Sites hosting, saving money in the long run and also confidently managing your own website content easily. You can consult with us on the viability of your Wordpress site migration. 

Are you unable to edit your Classic Google Site or Create a new Site?

Classic Google Sites features are being progressively disabled in a move to sunset, or retire, the platform. Do not delay in planning to convert your website, portal, intranet, to New Google Sites. New Google Sites has many of the same features as Classic Sites and we have a handy tool to convert your site, effectively moving all your content.

Does your converted Google Site look bad?

The conversion tool does a rough job at moving all your content, pictures and documents over to New Google Sites. You'll want to design a new theme for your site and begin the task of cleaning up your new site: formatting webpages, reorganizing, restructuring the navigation and using new widgets. If you need help or an expert to consult with, please reach out. We will be glad to evaluate your site.

New Google Sites Migration

Migrate & Convert Your Site

So, you are ready to move your classic Google Site to the New Google Sites. We can migrate your website or intranet, redesign it and improve it. We understand the migration process very well and want to help organizations preserve your content. 

Should I Migrate to the New Google Sites?

Yes! You should plan to migrate all your Classic Google Sites immediately. New Google Sites is a very capable platform and continues to see new features added regularly.

Contact us for more information

When will Classic Google Sites shut down / sunset / retire?

Classic Google Sites is set to shut down at end of 2021. Perhaps you received this email:

You won’t be able to edit classic Google Sites starting December 1, 2021. Starting January 1, 2022, classic Google Sites will no longer be viewable.

Dear Google Workspace Administrator,

As previously communicated in August 2020 and April 2021, classic Sites is no longer available for website creation. If you haven’t already done so, enable new Sites creation for your users today.

We’re writing to remind you that the following changes will happen to your classic Sites:

If you want your organization’s classic Sites content to continue to be viewable without interruption, make sure all of your existing classic Sites are migrated by December 31, 2021. Review the transition timeline below for more details.

What do I need to know?

In 2016, we launched an updated Google Sites designed to help you create websites without programming skills, optimize across mobile and desktop, and co-build with real-time collaboration. In 2017, we announced that we’re replacing classic Sites with our new Google Sites product. We shared more details about the transition timeline in August 2020 and sent a reminder in April 2021.

Below is the remaining transition timeline:

Important: Some sites may not be automatically replaced with a draft new Google Site due to page count limits or other factors. Please see this help center article to understand if your site may be impacted and take action before December 31, 2021.

Read what’s new in Google Sites.

What do I need to do?

Use the Classic Sites Manager to help your users make the transition. This console helps you with the following actions:

If you don’t take any action, the changes outlined in the transition timeline above (under What do I need to know?) will automatically be applied to your domain. For more details about this process, refer to the Sites Help Center.

September, 2023 Final Reminder Email

As previously announced, we’ve begun the migration of Classic Google Sites to New Google Sites. If you have classic sites in your domain that you have not yet manually migrated, you can expect the majority of them to be auto-migrated by the end of 2023.

What does this mean for your organization?

Any remaining classic sites with an eligible owner for migration to New Sites will be automigrated to New Sites as a draft for site owners to review and publish. Until site owners publish the draft site created via automigration, site viewers will not be able to see the website content and will see an error message.

All remaining classic sites, including sites without an owner eligible for migration, will be exported and shared as an archive with the domain super admin and site owner(s), if the site owners are eligible to receive takeout data from Classic Sites.

What do you need to do?

Once classic sites in your domain have been automigrated, ask site owners of converted draft sites to review and publish their draft sites. Until they do so, users visiting those sites will see an error message.

If you want to avoid potential disruption to site viewers and/or control when your classic sites are migrated, please use Classic Sites Manager to convert your classic sites to new sites as soon as possible. Classic Sites Manager is still available for you and your users to manage the transition. The console allows you to view all classic sites in your domain, export a summary to Google Sheets for project management, and take bulk actions to convert, archive or delete your sites, as well as track progress of the migration.

After the migration, links to migrated “drafts“ in New Sites and a link to the Classic Sites takeout data will be available in the Classic Sites Manager.

If you don’t convert your classic sites to New Sites, remaining classic sites in your organization that have an eligible owner for migration will be automigrated to New Sites as drafts for site owners to review and publish. Classic sites that do not have an eligible owner for migration will not be converted to New Sites, but they’ll be included in the archive of sites that will be exported and shared to admins, as well as site owners (if they’re eligible to receive Takeout data).

We’re here to help

For more details about the migration, refer to the Sites Help Center.