Google Sites Templates

Hire us to design a Google Sites theme

Premium Google Sites Templates

Google Sites Templates are similar to Wordpress Themes. We can design a custom template for your company to use, duplicate and populate with content. These pre-designed themes, branded to your organization, can be easily customized to fit a variety of uses. You can apply a template to create a new event site, office location site, benefits wiki for employees or the like. We're really excited about this venture and providing awesome Google Sites Templates direct to the customer.

Using Your Google Sites Template

Once Kirksville Web Design has installed a customized template on a client's Google Apps account, that template can be used by the organization for a number of websites. The template can be copied time and again, for internal-use Google Sites.

Overall, this approach is a great way to create a consistent look within your company. Staff will respond well to an official looking website. Hire us to have your very own Google Sites template designed.