Google Sites Templates

Hire us to design a Google Sites template, purchase a premium template or use free Google Sites templates.

Premium Google Sites Templates for Websites

There are out-of-the-box Google Sites and then there's our thoughtfully designed Google Sites templates. With your input and inspiration, we can design your very own Premium Google Sites template. This provides a brilliant start to a Google Sites website or intranet. Remember, we never hack Google Sites, but we fully utilize everything for remarkable Google Sites made to order. This means you can fully customize and edit the template after we hand it off to you - no strings attached.

We have many Google Sites examples that can serve as inspiration for your own Google Sites theme. Check out the demos below or contact us about your very own template.

The EcoStart Foundation Template - Environmental imagery, 5 pre-designed webpages.
The DiTullio Financial Template - Color blocking pastel imagery, 5 pre-designed webpages.
The High Style Template - Huge full palette for photography, art or eportfolio with 5 sample pages.
The Beautiful Start Template - Full screen, show-stopping header and fun one pager website.

Modern Google Sites Templates for Intranet

Google Sites Templates are similar to Wordpress Themes. We can design a custom template for your company to use, duplicate and populate with content. These pre-designed themes, branded to your organization, can be easily customized to fit a variety of uses. You can apply a template to create a new event site, office location site, benefits wiki for employees or the like. We're really excited about this venture and providing awesome Google Sites Templates direct to the customer. Contact us to begin planning your intranet template.

Free Google Sites Templates for All

There are also free Google Sites templates available in the opening page of in what is called the "Template Gallery." When you create a new Google Site you will see two options: Create a new site, Choose a template. 

Choosing a template reveals many options for Personal, Work, Small Business and Education related sites. To date there are 16 of these pre-made Free Google Sites Templates. This is by far the easiest way to start a free Google Sites website, in fact you can use these free Google Sites templates right away with no hurdles or forms to fill out - simply dive in and start editing.

2023 NEW! Professor - The Google Sites Template by Google for Teachers and Curriculum.

2023 NEW! Family Update - A Family News & History Template

Salon - Small Business Template with Services and Contact Form Pages

Project - Simple Team Site for Collaboration

Photography - Easy to Use Photography Highlighting Template

Wedding - A Template for Wedding Announcement with Creative Photo Options

About Using Your Google Sites Templates

Once Kirksville Web Design has installed a customized template on a client's Google Workspace account, that template can be used by the organization for a number of websites. The template can be copied time and again, for internal-use Google Sites. You may want some support on how to use your Google Site, in which case we hope to be a valued consultant and trainer.

Overall, this approach is a great way to create a consistent look within your company. Staff will respond well to an official looking Google Site. Hire us to have your very own Google Sites template designed.

If you need help adding a custom domain to your new Google Sites website, we have a video tutorial and written instructions for you here.

If you feel like you need some help in the editing and content creation process, or in modifying your template, watch some Youtube video tutorials, read Google Sites support articles or submit a question on the official community forum.