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Download responsive Google Sites templates. We have 50+ templates with 15,000+ downloads! Get free Google Sites templates or buy pro themes. Browse live website demos and start your site today. 

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New Google Sites Templates

We are always actively publishing new templates. See the latest Google Sites releases. Last updated on June 18, 2024.

Reddi Multi-Purpose

Reddi Multipurpose is fully equipped with fun features, backgrounds, and a library of page layouts. The clean look works for literally any application from small business to personal resumes. The stylish card design of content blocks makes for a great impression too.

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Staff onboarding site template for Google

Onboarding Portal

We've done a thorough job of creating the best onboarding portal just for Google Workspace. The Google Site is equipped with 17 page templates and tons of ideas for a successful employee onboarding process.

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Futura Plus

New for our 2024 collection of templates. Futura present a timeless approach to web design that fits any purpose. Excellent fonts, page layout and simplicity all come together. Give your content, and your visitors, room to breathe while navigating an elegantly themed website.

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Bestselling Templates

Our top Google Sites are featured here. These are our most popular templates which reached peak monthly sales.

Small Business Website Builder Template with Multiple Themes

Omni Small Business

5 themes in one! Personal trainer, lawn care, construction, plumber and cleaning business templates. Easy guidance for building an optimized website quickly. Check our Google Sites SEO guide for more help in that department.

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Dark mode Google Sites template for portfolio

DarkerSide Portfolio 

Stand out with stark contrast in our fastest loading template with clear semantic headings in this pro theme. This is our monthly bestseller.

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Website template designed for a law firm

Manrope Firm

The ultimate template for an agency, Manrope suits professionals or firms who require a modern classic look. Five sleek page layouts in one pro theme.

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Favorite Free Templates & Premium Themes

Google Sites templates for teachers free resource

School Teacher Site

The template crafted for teachers, their profile or curriculum. Start a free Google Site for your classroom.

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The Ultimate Free Online Portfolio Template for Google Sites

Ultima Portfolio

Contemporary styling, engaging animations and an immersive full page experience all in this ultimate portfolio. 6 pages to launch your personal online presence, skills and projects.

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Google Sites template for creative agency with iPhone slider

Poppins Creative

An energetic theme with many pre-built page templates. Well-balanced designs are open to your creativity.

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Righteous ecommerce is a store template

Righteous Ecommerce

Template for ecommerce with full store, buy now buttons and Jotform integration for payment processing.

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Sample resume builder for Google Sites

Professional Resume

Professional Online CV Template or Business Card with profile, work experience, education, etc.

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Orange hexagonal style template theme for Sites

Orange Home

Orange Home is a clean, vivid site that playfully uses background images to lead visitors around your key services. 

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Basic ecommerce shopping website for free download

Satisfy Soaps

Start a free online shop with this ecommerce starter loading in the Jotform Store Builder for easy payment processing from your free Google Site.

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Template for blogging on Google Sites

SitePaper News & Blog

Start your content creation, news and blogging journey to start generating traffic, all with free hosting on Sites.

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Seaside Beach rental property website template

B&B Property

Show the world your rental property in a stunning web-based listing with tons of space designed for photos. A popular choice for real estate.

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Wiki starter template for intranet creating

Wiki Like Template

Create a wiki with a minimalist, high contrast starter site. Brainstorm and outline your content ideas here.

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Startup company or Saas example site template

TechLauncher Startup 

Ready to launch an app, product, SaaS or tech startup? This is the perfect template w/ textured backgrounds.

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Coming soon landing page example

Coming Soon Landing

Coming soon launch page template for a quick page to park and advertise while getting sign ups.

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HelperDeski template for starting a help desk site

The Help Desk Workspace Site

Super light and clean help desk starter template to provide quick answers to common questions. Empower users with search, FAQ and quicklinks.

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Second Brain Personal Organizer Site

Life Brain Organizer Site

Notion-like Google Sites template. Build your second brain organizer within Sites! This template gives you a head start with thoughtful advice for managing tasks, projects, goals and life.

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EcoStart is a generic company website

EcoStart Foundation

Full image headers, clear call to action (CTA) and crystal clear typography perfect for organizations. A truly versatile template for any use.

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Google Sites Wedding Website Template

Quattrocento Wedding Template

The Google Sites template for weddings you've been waiting for. A beautifully sophisticated template designed for any special event or occasion with tons real estate to add photos, RSVP and registry info.

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Purple version of free link in bio social profile website template

Free Link in Bio Website

Pick your favorite color for a Link Tree type portfolio website. Add your profile photo, a quick bio, social media and links to shops, affiliates, blogs, websites, etc.

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Kanit Studio

This template is next in our line of dark themes for professionals. Full screen site width allows for breathtaking photography juxtaposed with bold typography on pure black or stardust backgrounds. 

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My Google Kanban

Use Google Sites as your kanban style project management solution. Drag text boxes into place among the multiple column layouts. Add icons and labels to make it more interesting, then publish for your workmates.

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Free Google Sites Templates

How to get free Google Sites templates

We have collected all 25+ free Google Sites templates for you in one place. Just click download, enter any amount and receive access to all of them. Also, sign up for news regarding Google Sites templates, including announcements when a new free or premium theme is published. Make a copy of the site to install it on your own account.

Browsing templates reveals many options for Personal, Work, Small Business and Education related sites. There are currently over 20 of these pre-made free Google Sites templates. This is by far the easiest way to start a free Google Sites website, in fact you can use these free Google Sites templates right away with no hurdles - make a copy, dive in and start editing.

About Free Templates

The free Google Sites templates are basic in their overall design, contain limited page layouts, and lack polish as used in premium versions.

✅ Beautiful landing page

✅ Pre-loaded with fonts & backgrounds

❌ Not many page layouts

❌ No support

Premium Google Sites Themes

There are out-of-the-box Google Sites and then there's our awesome premium Google Sites templates. Get inspired to build your website with professional themes for Google Sites. We're really excited about this venture of selling top Google Sites templates direct to the customer. This provides a brilliant start to a Google Sites business website, store or intranet. Remember, we never hack Google Sites, but we fully utilize everything in baseline tools for remarkable Google Sites templates. This means you can fully customize and edit the template after your purchase.

New Google Sites Pro Themes for 2023

Browse our pro Google Sites templates shop. Check out them out in live demo mode, buy one to access your own copy instantly or contact us about designing your own custom template. These are custom themes with more pages & more features!

About Premium Themes

Premium templates are designer crafted custom themes with five or more versatile page layouts.

✅ Flexible options tested fully responsive

✅ Selective quality fonts, icons and photography

✅ Exciting variety of page layouts and content blocks

Reliable support and template updates

Modern Google Sites Templates for Intranet

Upgrade your stuffy corporate intranet by importing a New Google Sites template. 

You can apply a template to create a new event site, office location site, knowledge base, benefits wiki, employee handbook or for project management. We prefer designing intranets to client specification, so we only offer a few intranet page templates. 

About Using Your Google Sites Templates

Google Sites Templates are similar to Wordpress Themes or Wix themes. Your custom template is able to be fully customized, modified, edited and populated with all your content. Elements of the template can be easily duplicated for a consistent look and feel simply using copy and paste — copy a whole page or content blocks as you require. Your template can be used for all sorts of applications, so be creative! Start a blog, post a resume, launch your business online and open up shop.

After Template Store Checkout

Once your secure checkout process is complete, your theme will instantly be made available to you for copying. You will receive an exact copy of the live demos featured above. According to our terms, you are free to publish one public website using your new awesome template. 

Expand Your Site Content and Grow Your Audience

Your Google Sites professional template will have a polished, consistent aesthetic across all webpages. Because your template is fully customizable, you can grow your website confidently with new content. The user interface is so intuitive that many find it easy to get online in a matter of days.

What's the difference between free and premium templates?

The free Google Sites templates are basic in their overall design, contain limited page layouts, and lack polish as used in premium versions. They might be a great jumping off point for adventurous designers who appreciate the no code interface form Google Sites. Typically these free examples are one-pagers, landing pages or unbranded wireframes for a proof of concept.

Premium templates are designer crafted custom themes with five or more versatile page layouts.

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Google Sites Support at Your Fingertips

You may want some support on how to use your Google Site, in which case we hope to be a valued consultant and trainer. Of course there are many resources around the web to help you, including official Google articles and help forums.

If you need help adding a custom domain to your new Google Sites website, we have a video tutorial and written instructions for you here, along with other support articles to help you master your site.

If you feel like you need some help in the editing and content creation process, or in modifying your template, watch some Youtube video tutorials, read Google Sites support articles or submit a question on the official community forum.

Google Sites Templates Variety Pack of Examples

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Google Sites templates?

Google Sites templates are pre-designed websites that are easy to customize. These templates are built on Google Sites, the free website builder platform by Google. Templates come pre-installed with ready-made themes, layouts and a variety of elements for content management. Templates are basically a custom solution that save you from starting from scratch.

What kind of sites can I make with these templates?

What are the best Google Sites templates?

These are our favorite Google Sites right now. There is a clear advantage to choosing a pro theme when compared the free template options. Many times is the case of you get what you pay for.

How do I create a Google Sites template?

Anyone can start designing a template. Typically we start with a blank slate and use the Themes option to create a theme or even import one as a starting point. For more help in starting a fresh site, check out the official Google Help forum.

Where are plugins for Google Sites templates?

The embed code feature of Google Sites makes it easy to insert plugins you find around the web. We also have a list of top Google Sites resources already made for curious users.

Are Google Sites templates free?

Most Google Sites templates are free. Google itself provides many free starter templates. There are many web designers, and teachers especially, who have graciously donated their time to providing free Google Sites templates. Your school or organization may even provide a template for you free of charge and so it may be worth inquiring of the IT department.

Quickly fill out this form and receive access to all of them in Google Drive

How do I get more templates for Google Sites?

You can get more templates for Google Sites by reaching out to web designers who create them. We will also be adding more templates to the gallery as we publish them.

Can you copy a Google Sites template?

Yes, you can copy a Google Sites template. There are several ways to do this:

Can you download Google Sites templates?

You can't download Google Sites templates or Google Sites in a useful format to be hosted on another platform. However, you may directly download the HTML documents by to your computer:

Why should I buy a KWD Google Sites template?

Can I customize my website template?

Yes, every website template is fully expandable. You can change the logo, the color scheme or the fonts. You can add pages, delete pages, copy pages and do anything you want design-wise to your template.

Can I import a Wordpress theme to my Google Site?

No. You can only import Google Sites themes. For more about how to do this, see our support article on importing templates, also called applying a template to another Google Site.

What do I need to launch my website with your templates?

Are KWD templates responsive or mobile-friendly?

Yes. We take into account how our templates appear responsively, especially at common break points for desktop, tablet or mobile. When editing your template, feel free to preview it periodically to check how the responsiveness is working.

Can I freely use the images, fonts and icons in the template?

Each template is created with images from Pexels. All photos and videos on Pexels are free to use. Attribution is not required. Giving credit to the photographer or Pexels is not necessary but always appreciated. You can modify the photos and videos from Pexels. Be creative and edit them as you like.  Fonts are from Google fonts and subject to their terms. Icons are from Flaticons may be subject to attribution terms. Our use in these templates is for sample display purposes only. 

Do you run discounts on your templates?

We may run discounts, events and sales from time-to-time. For example, our 2023 Black Friday Sale runs until November 30th, 2023 via our Lemon Squeezy store. 

Is Google Sites good for SEO?

Google Sites has all the necessary tools and functions to excel in SEO. For specifics see our Google Sites SEO best practices. Our responsive templates are designed to perform well given efforts are made to target keyword phrases low hanging fruit.