Classic Google Sites & New Google Sites

Classic or New?

We design both and can help you decide

Learn about the differences, features & uses of these two intranet platforms. We have thoroughly tested the New Google Sites and you know we are experts with Classic Sites. In fact, you can check out examples of our New Google Sites right now.

Classic Google Sites Examples

Classic Google Sites is the best intranet building application available from Google. It provides the most functionality, gadgets, opportunities for development, and freedom in design.

New Google Sites Examples

As always, we love designing Google Sites and we pride ourselves on being experts with the platform, pushing the envelope and creating fresh new themes. Check more out here



Classic Google Sites is the best intranet building application available from Google. It provides the most functionality, gadgets, opportunities for development, and freedom in design.

A Key Point

Classic Google Sites can be completely branded to your organization and until the new Sites catches up, it will be your best option for authoritative content. Portals, intranet and wikis will eventually see a migration tool available to transfer to the New Google Sites. So don't be worried about being stuck on a retiring platform. 

User Experience

Classic Sites has more options available for designers and developers. On the other hand, this presents a steeper learning curve for new end-users. These Sites are unique and not cookie-cutter templates. 

Responsive Web Design

Classic Sites is responsive, but not dynamic in the fullest sense. Automatically adjusting to mobile is a great feature.



The New Google Sites is currently best used for small team sites, project sites and event sites. Internal sites can be quickly built by anyone, not just IT. Also, since web addressing mapping is not currently available, it is not ready for use as public websites.

A Key Point

The New Google Sites is very simple at this point. Customization and development is limited. The Google Sites team will be putting all their effort into the new Google Sites so you can expect improvements on this platform.

User Experience

It was once the case that Google Sites would only allow one editor at a time, displaying a lock / break lock option. Now Sites is collaborative in real-time.

Google Sites is the industry's first collaborative website-builder.

Responsive Web Design

This new product is definitely heading in the right direction. Stay tuned for more details, but for now we know the viewing on all screen sizes in a more dynamically adjusting view is part of the New Sites.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Google Sites

Should I migrate to New Google Sites now?

We are happy to evaluate the feasibility of migrating to the New Google Sites. Frankly, with 'New Sites' limited capabilities, not all Sites are able to be moved over to New Sites. If you have a relatively small or simple site, we can help build you a fresh site in the new platform. 

Can I build my new public website with New Google Sites?

Technically you could, but it is not recommend until web address mapping and using your own custom domain is available and possible. This is a top requested feature that we are guessing will come soon from the Google Sites development team.

New Google Sites Updates Log

Fonts available in New Sites








PT Sans

Playfair Display


Roboto Condensed

Roboto Slab


Roboto Mono

Open Sans

Classic Google Sites Lifespan

It has been announced that Classic Google Sites will retire in roughly 1-2 years, but not before you've been given all the key features and the promised migration tool. For some this may be enough reason to only consider New Sites, but cannot be the only deciding factor. Check out the Roadmap of New Sites on our blog.

Current Admin Console

Remember you can launch the New Sites via

Site creation

Locally applied

Sharing and publishing


Select whether users in this organization can create and edit sites in the new Sites product.

Users can create and edit sites

Users cannot create and edit sites

Warning: Drive must be turned on for this organization for users to create and edit sites.

Sharing and publishing settings for new Sites are managed in Drive.

Current Themes 

There are 6 themes for the new Google Sites each with its own five pre-selected color swatches. 

Simple, Aristotle, Diplomat, Vision, Level, Impression

Current Insert Capabilities

Divider, Google Drive Team Drive, Youtube Videos, Google Calendar, Google My Maps, Google Map, Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, Forms, Charts, PDF Viewer, Awesome Table, Images, Text box, Links, Embed URL, Upload.