Google Apps Resellers and Kirksville Web Design

Google Apps Authorized Resellers & Kirksville Web Design

We have had the pleasure of working with many Google Apps Resellers, which makes sense, they are deploying Google Apps the organizations all over the world. Since Google Sites is part of Google Apps, the client is already receiving a great product, they just need to see how it can be used.

Share with your clients so that they understand what Google Sites is and how it can benefit their organization.

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Google Apps Resellers FAQs

What resources can you provide me for offering Google Sites development to my clients?

We can provide you with a website questionnaire, a sample statement of work, and an SEO statement of work. Copy and share these Google Docs with your client.

Why is this profitable for my company?

We provide you, the Reseller, with a wholesale price quote, you can then add a profit-margin for resale to the client. Most tack on a reasonable 10-20%, but it's up to you. So you control your profits. Great idea right =)

How can I market Google Sites to my clients?

Google Sites can produce professional public-facing websites for companies, organizations, and businesses. Google Sites can also be used for a full-fledged company intranet. Assess the needs of your client:

  • Is their current public website outdated?
  • Are they paying fees for a company intranet outside of Google Apps?
  • Does the client use PDFs and documents extensively to share information?

Consider these questions a good way to introduce Google Sites for Business.

How does the financial relationship work?

We are open to any arrangements you may suggest, however, most Google Apps Resellers employ Kirksville Web Design as a consultant or subcontractor. We will provide you, the primary contractor, with an hourly rate or firm fixed price quote for a project. You can then markup at your own discretion towards the client.

Kirksville Web Design will request payments from the Google Apps Reseller intermittently throughout the project. The Google Apps Reseller may then choose when and how to bill the client.

What is the role of the Google Apps Reseller in the Google Sites development process?

This may be different from project-to-project, client-to-client. We can work behind the scenes or directly with the client. Your involvement is really up to you. Sometimes we may ask you to facilitate the process and help move things along.