Custom Google Sites versus Templates

Post date: Jun 17, 2013 2:14:14 AM

Since we offer both custom Google Sites website design and Google Sites templates, we feel that it important to tell you the difference between the two.

First of all, Google Sites custom design. We build websites from scratch, made to order. When you ask for us to design something for your business, we send you a survey and build something you'll love and that matches your image. The same goes for intranets, we make an intranet to suit your organization's needs for project management, document management and information sharing. Instead of an out of the box model, we bring full service along with the Google Sites product.

So what about Google Sites templates? Templates are for the most part, generic. We try to make them suitable for a wide range of companies. The thing about templates is that the customer needs to know a thing or two about Google Sites already. So it is a great option for tech-savvy or Google Apps afficianados. 

We hope you find the right option you are looking for. Overall, we enjoy custom design because it offers a chance at designing something fresh. No one else will have a Google Site or a website like yours. We love to collaborate with our clients. We are currently taking on new projects and have had a lot of recent success with schools, doctors, lawyers, architects and a whole lot of other small businesses. 

Thanks for your support. Stay tuned for more Google Sites examples, tips and tricks.