How to Build an Ecommerce Website with Google Sites

Google Sites or Google Workspace itself does not have a native ecommerce application, but you can embed third-party tools to act in the role. Here we will discuss the best options for adding ecommerce components, full shops and elements into Google Sites websites.

Integrate Ecommerce Tools for Orders, Sales & Payment Processing

You can sell products online using Google Sites. There are many ecommerce platforms with settings or options for embedding features onto any website. Generate links or code snippets using these platforms and add them to your Google Site. You can weigh the pros and cons of platforms like Jotform, Ecwid, Shopify, Stripe, Paypal, Gumroad, Lemon Squeezy, etc. It depends on what you are selling and how you want to sell it. Let's review some of the most popular ecommerce solutions which work well on Google Sites.

Jotform Store Builder

You can embed the URL of your Jotform or Jotform Store App. For a more immersive experience you can Create a Page as a Full Page Embed. It works seamlessly with Google Sites and the interface to manage your store is easy to learn.

Stripe Payment Options

Whereas Jotform is a kind of medium between app builder and payment processing, Stripe options will take you straight to the source. Stripe is a huge player in the ecommerce world and your can generate code or links to use within your Google Site.

Set Up Ecwid for On Site Shopping

Ecwid is another full shop building solution which offers integration options into your website. Start a free Ecwid account with up to 10 online products and embed it on any website, including our Google Sites. Can connect with payment methods like Stripe, Paypal, Afterpay. Fully customize an online store through their designer interface as you wish.

Payment Buttons with Paypal

The ubiquitous Paypal – Pay Now button has never faded away from the quick ecommerce scene. Add the code for your button directly into your website. It's easy as pie.

Digital Product Marketplaces like Lemon Squeezy, Gumroad, Etsy

You can build shops within these marketplaces which specialize in supporting the selling of online digital goods like templates, graphic assets, courses, documents, etc. They vary in their ability to embed into your site. For example, we use Lemon Squeezy to sell our templates and you'll see we like to individual digital products in this way. The store also exists, but isn't our primary means of using the platform.

Linking to Full Ecommerce Portals like Shopify

Shopify is a stand-alone ecommerce website solution, but there is nothing stopping you from interlinking your website to your Shopify page.

Why Use Google Sites for Ecommerce?

While Google Sites may not be the best platform for large ecommerce endeavors, it provides a free means of creating a small ecommerce website. And because it's free, there is no pressure, no risk in setting up shop with it. Essentially, besides payment processing fees, you are looking at pure profit. There is nothing to lose. You have a free online store with no maintenance fees, hosting fees or developer fees.

Tips & Tricks for Ecommerce Sites

Here are some things you should be aware of when developing an ecommerce solution on Google Sites.


Keep in mind that embedded code options, while functionally very handy, are not providing indexable, Google Crawl Bot crawlable content to your site. Any embedded code is just an <iframe>. Therefore, write or supplement writing on the Google Site itself. Take care especially to choose descriptive Page Titles and heading one tags <h1>, which is called a Title format in the Sites text editor.

Try to make a unique web page and slug for each product you are selling if you want those to pop up in the Google SERP. And just FYI, this increases the advantage of using buy now buttons and links as opposed to full shop environments. Give Google Search bot more content to associate with your product by writing or inserting pictures on the page.

Page Elements

The most useful page elements to use for ecommerce integration are:

Use a Google Sites Ecommerce Template

There is no need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to selling online with Google Sites. We sell templates for business on our website. We also have free ecommerce templates than can be used for a start. Although these sites may have already integrated one of the above options for payments, you can modify the templates to swap out one for another. Our templates will be useful regardless of that platform you pick. There are also many other designers and tutorials available to help you launch a site quickly. 

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