How to Create an Onboarding Site for Google Workspace

Onboarding is an integral process for any organization hiring new employees. When the HR department looks to streamline the process and provide instructions, an onboarding portal is an efficient solution.

About Onboarding and Training Employees Online

A well-structured onboarding system can help new hires get up to speed quickly and efficiently. This is especially important in the age of remote and hybrid working cultures. Having a stable, ever-present, onboarding intranet provides a reliable knowledge base to new employees.  It typically involves providing the employee with the resources and information they need to be successful in their role, such as training, orientation, and access to company systems and tools. Moreover, onboarding portals help oncoming staff to become familiar with Google Workspace apps. This has a positive effect on the adoption of applications and therefore engagement in the community. 

Contacts served by a directory or org chart are especially helpful to newcomers. Fostering internal communications starts at this introductory level. When an onboarding portal is connected to a larger company intranet, it encourages access to a wide variety of resources available on the Google Cloud. Consider intranet examples to get started building a workplace environment that's domain secured.

A scheduled onboarding process instructions

Steps for Creating an Employee Onboarding Site

Overall, an onboarding project site is like any other Google Sites intranet, so consider our ultimate guide to intranet building here.