Embed Jotform on Google Sites - Top 5 Use Cases

Jotform is one of the best tools around for Google Sites. The fact that it can easily be inserted into any site and requires no coding makes it an ideal candidate for advanced functionality within the platform. Jotform can provide functions that go beyond the standard apps included in Google Workspace, it's not just for webforms. Here we will explore five use cases for Jotform within a Google Sites website or intranet. 

By default we include Jotform contact forms in all our custom templates because its the best at providing full email responses without the need for addons. We love these features

So it's a no brainer to use Jotform for all webforms within Google Sites.

When you are editing your Google Site you won't find an option to embed a Paypal Button, Stripe Checkout or any Buy Now function with the insert menu. Google Sites itself doesn't offer any quick solutions for getting payments. That is why we look to Jotform, which has all these payment gateways under the same umbrella. You have tons of options and the set up is super easy.

When a simple pay now button won't suffice, you aim to build a store. With Jotform's My Apps builder you can create, customize and deploy that store within Google Sites. Using the Full Page Embed generates a more immersive experience within your Google Site. Shopping is easy with a full cart checkout capability, favorites and several view options. We've got two examples of the Jotform My Apps store builder: Righteous Ecommerce & Satisfy Soaps.

Leverage Jotform's powerful webforms with conditions, responses and forwarding for approvals. This is specifically very useful when building Sites for intranet. There is no need to hire a developer for Google Apps Script or Google Cloud when you can easily launch an employee workflow from Jotform. We built a sample in our Lorem Ipsum Co. intranet under the Requests page. We get an email for an IT request, approve/deny it and continue down the path even to purchasing. 

You can embed smart spreadsheets and tables into Google Sites from Jotform's My Tables solution. Google Sheets is view only within Google Sites, but the Jotform tables are interactive and dynamic. You can search, filter and categorize results. It's like having a database or a CRM at a fraction of the cost. We also like Awesome Table as an alternative for this.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to add Jotform to Google Sites?

Jotform embedding options are a-plenty. When you are ready to publish and embed, select New Google Sites as your platform. If that is not available, no worries, standard Javascript works just fine too. In some cases an iframe can be more advantageous. 

Is Jotform better than Google Forms?

I would argue in most situations that Jotform excels far beyond Google Forms. Google Forms has plenty of addons for additional functionality, but personally I get lost in their free, freemium, paid plans. I use base Google Forms for simple applications, but turn to Jotform when anything advanced comes into play.

Clean contact forms with all the bells and whistles I could hope for.

Example approval flow with conditions in a easy to understand flow chart

Video about using Jotform Tables