Multiple Language Google Sites Website Tips and Support

How to Design a Website in Two or More Languages

There are several options available to the web designer when using Google Sites for a multi-language website:

Tips When Organizing This Type of Site

An Example of a Bilingual Website on Google Sites

We recently designed the front-facing website for Anheddau, a not-for-profit organization in the UK. Although our understanding of Welsh was close to nil, we were able to develop a solution between the two primary site languages of English and Welsh which would be intuitive for site visitors.

Instructing Users on How to Set Their Default User or Browser Language

Here are several articles to help web surfers learn of the language tools available to them based on their browser. For simplicity we are showing here options with Google Workspace and Google Chrome.

Google Sites Language Support

We can assume Google Sites is available in all the Admin selectable languages in the Workspace Admin Console which are: