New Google Sites Features

Post date: Jul 25, 2016 6:17:31 PM

Here's what’s special about the new Sites:

  • Just like Google Docs, the new Sites is really easy to use and allows you to collaborate in real-time.

  • Sites look great on any device by default.

  • Deep integration with Google Drive makes editing, managing, and sharing sites even easier.

We’ve recently added some exciting new features to the new Google Sites.

Read about them below, and be sure to check them out soon!

  • Google Analytics integration - Editors can now add a Google Analytics tracking ID to their site and collect details on visitors.

  • New, shorter header - Editors can now select a smaller, text-only header.

  • Awesome Table integration - Using the embed URL tool, editors can now embed Awesome Table, a popular third-party app for displaying Google Sheets, in their sites.

  • Publishing to the web - If your organization allows users to publish Google Drive files on the web, editors can now publish sites to the web and decide whether those sites should be indexed by search engine results or available only to viewers who have the link.

We hope you enjoy these new features and spread the word to your organizations! We’ll continue to expand on these features, as well as introduce new functionality, in the future.

As always, check out the Help Center for additional information and let us know your thoughts via the in-product Send Feedback button.