Two New Google Sites Templates / Examples

Post date: Feb 29, 2012 10:53:33 PM

We've posted two new Google Sites templates to the Google Sites Templates page.

The first design is a model IT company website (Ultimate IT). Here are some of the highlights of this awesome Google Site that you can purchase and own.

  1. Sample Custom Logo in the header

  2. Sleek graphics for that brushed aluminum look

  3. A main image, which can also be a slideshow

  4. Three column layout for highlighting those key features of your product or service

  5. Web design on the dark side for a high contrast legibility

  6. Footer and other items that use shadow effect to "lift" off the page

The second Google Sites design is for a model financial consulting firm called 'Tradeshop.'

  1. A sophisticated look both with complimenting organic color scheme

  2. Clear call to action buttons at the top and bottom of the page

  3. Easy horizontal navigation bar

  4. Dynamic elements like a 3D button

  5. An area just below the navigation bar allows for a quick summary point or page title.

We hope you enjoy these two additional templates, which can be customized to fit your company. Remember to Go Google and then Go Google Sites. Thanks.