Your Google Sites Designer

Post date: Oct 27, 2014 2:07:51 PM

It is an absolute pleasure to design a Google Sites website or intranet from start to finish. We repeated that success a thousand times over and we plan on doing more in the future. The new year is just on the horizon and we are keenly interested in how Google Sites continues to fit the needs of big companies and mom & pop stores. We have made internal sites for some excellent, well-known clients here recently like Google and Netflix. Although we can't show you our work on these sites, rest assured they have turned out great.

To put it plainly: Kirksville Web Design wants to be your Google Sites designer, resource, expert and consultant. 

As you may know, we don't charge any on-going fees, maintenance costs, etc. Some clients request our expertise on a frequent basis to update their site for them, but the majority do not. Therefore, our security lies in a constant flow of new customers. 

Why should you choose us as your Google Sites designer?

Thanks for reading our little 5 point pitch here, we'll try not to belabor the message. For the most part, this is a reminder that Kirksville Web Design is alive and kicking, designing sites everyday and looking for the next big project coming up.