Google Sites Intranet Case Study

Cardinal Financial Google Sites Intranet

Kirksville Web Design and Cardinal Financial created a living, breathing hub that includes directories, access to hundreds of documents and a branded design that has promoted company-wide adoption of the platform. Here is our case study of how a financial company used Google Sites as their intranet.


Roman Vega, VP of Marketing 

Cardinal Financial Company, Limited Partnership 

Kyle Horst, Owner / Designer

Kirksville Web Design


Roman, how would you summarize the purpose of your Google Site?

Our Google Site is called The Hub, it is our employee’s single source for all things to our company, Cardinal Financial.

The purpose of The Hub is to establish one uniform location for all of Cardinal Financial’s information and resources to be accessed by the company. 

Benefits of having a company Intranet:

How did Kirksville Web Design help you achieve your goals for this site?

Kirksville Web Design was instrumental in bringing our internal design to life. We did not have the capability to develop our Google Site internally. Kyle was very easy to work with, in fact I still have calls with him to assist with more involved updates to our Google Site. He is extremely knowledgeable and did an amazing job of training our key internal administrators for the site. He continues to serve as a resource for us.

What has been the response from Cardinal Financial staff to the site?

The site has been well received. We continually work to drive people to our site to obtain the information they are seeking.

How would you recommend other organizations take advantage of Google Sites?

For other companies that are Google based, a Google Site is a great way to organize and communicate information. Maintaining the site has been very easy since it’s all Google based. Updating a document in our Google Drive automatically updates the file in our Google Site so we never have to worry about multiple copies existing.