Google Sites Intranet FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions Concerning Google Sites Intranet Design

Can Google Sites be used as a company intranet or wiki?

Yes, definitely. Google Sites is an excellent option for building an intranet or wiki. Especially within Google Workspace, Google Sites has all the essential features for developing an informative knowledge base for an organization, including integration of Google Docs, Calendar and access permissions. 

How do I create an intranet on Google Sites?

Go to to create a site, but before you do spend some time planning for the design, organization and functionality of your Google Sites intranet. We encourage clients to start a Google Shared Drive, then devising a folder structure to mirror the sitemap of your future intranet. This will provide a backend for hosting your important documents and ideas, which you can easily share with your team. 

How do I create a branded Google Sites intranet template?

The first step is to consult your organization's branding guidelines or contacting marketing or IT teams for guidance. A professional-looking, branded template will increase user adoption and engagement on the site, while a poorly designed Google Site will call into question to importance of your work in the minds of your site visitors. Anyone can build a Google Site, and we encourage exploration of the platform's formatting options, but it can truly be beneficial to call in an expert web designer to develop something next level.

What is Google's solution for internal communications?

The Google Workspace solution for internal communications is a combination of applications from the suite. For example, Google Sites can be used as the launch pad or general wiki in conjunction with Google Spaces for active forum-style collaboration. Then Google Groups, Google Drive and Awesome Table can be integrated to increase functionality.