Google Spaces

Connect to the collaborative features of Google Spaces from Google Sites.

About Google Spaces

The purpose of Google Spaces is to facilitate collaboration on long-term projects as teams with the power of full media direct message conversations. In this way, Google Spaces offers a solution similar to that of Slack for easy cloud-based project management. Why is Google Spaces so great in conjunction with Google Sites?

How to Connect Spaces with Sites

Google Spaces can be shared with others in your organization very easily as a personal or domain-level. You can invite persons, teams and groups to newly created spaces and these sharing permissions are handled within the Google Workspace admin console. These discoverable Google Spaces can be linked to from your Google Site, providing for the dynamic and interactive feature sorely needed with Google Sites intranets. 

Workspace Admin Set Up

If discoverable Google Spaces are allowed by your administrator, copy the link to that space and place in your Google Site intranet's navigation by the "Add URL" function of the Pages side-panel. Or, simply hyperlink to the Space in your page content.

While embedding and integrating Google Spaces directly into Google Sites is not yet supported this is a frequently requested feature in the developer community.