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Are you concerned that your website or current Google Site is not mobile friendly? We are now implementing responsive design on all our Google Sites since this has become a feature affecting user experience on smartphones and SEO page rank from search engines like Google. Thus, we are onboard with the responsive web design initiative in Google Sites through the capability of automatically adjust for mobile, a solution for compliance to Google's mobile friendly standards.

Our Website as an Example

Our website is mobile friendly and responsive. It passes Google's Mobile-Friendly Test Tool with flying colors. It looks great on a smartphone due to its features like fly out hamburger style menu, sized photos and legible text size.

Altogether the website is simpler, easier to read and provides a consistent good user experience no matter what device, such as widescreen monitor, tablet, ipad, phablet, smartphone, etc.

Take a look and if you are interested in us designing your new responsive website on Google Sites, contact us. 

Responsive Design in Action

Please review some more examples of our responsive Google Sites work.

Website Viewed on Mobile Smartphone (HTC One M8)

Website Viewed on Desktop