New Google Sites

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Introducing New Google Sites

We were wondering when Google was going to give this product some love. Well, the New Google Sites certainly takes our designs to the next level. We are ready to develop New Google Sites for your organization a stunning new intranet. Please review our portfolio below and contact us if you're ready to Go Google Sites.

Frequently Asked Questions about New Google Sites

What New Google Sites templates are available?

There are 6 basic starter templates: Simple, Aristotle, Diplomat, Vision, Level and Impression. These contain only basic variation on fonts and stylistic treatments. We pick one of these templates and then completely customize it to match client branding and style. That's what makes a us Google Sites specialists.

Where can I find New Google Sites examples?

We have a bunch here for you and have an extensive catalog if you'll please contact us.

Where can I find news for New Google Sites?

Our blog is an excellent resource first of all. We publish everything we can find about New Google Sites gadgets, tutorials, help, themes. You can also ask us for the news regarding Page Level Permissions, Revision History availability and any other areas you might need help.

A Breakout Session at Google Next 2019 focused on the Future of New Google Sites. Google is investing all their resources and innovation into this platform. Many new features to come.

Google Food

We love working with Google themselves, their teams and their initiatives, to create the best Google Sites around. Their teams are taking full advantage of the revamped platform, its responsiveness and beautiful modern design capability.

Momentum Design Comp

We wanted to see what New Google Sites was capable of, so we make this sample composition to explore the limits.