About Google Sites Unblocked Games

Understanding the perpetually trending issue of students finding games to play at school.

Why is Google Sites Being Used for Games?

Google Sites are frequently used by teachers and students as a site builder application native to Google Workspace for Edu. Therefore, it is readily accessible as a platform for teacher and students profiles, classrooms and homework. On the other hand, students want to play games at school on school computers. The permission to access Google Sites is used as a means to circumvent school firewalls, website blockers and security settings.

These Google Sites usually contain Google Adsense or similar ads prominently displayed. Normally Adsense cannot be embedded into Google Sites, so these are employing a workaround and perhaps breaking terms of use for Google Sites.

What Games are Available on these Unblocked Google Sites?

Typically you'll find free flash style games which are embedded into Google Sites with an iframe. Games could range from Tetris to Super Mario to Minecraft to Fruit Ninja. Popular trending keywords for these sites include:

Find more querying Google Trends: https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?q=%22google%20sites%22 

The Challenge for IT Security

Since Google Sites in general has been whitelisted, it becomes necessary to blacklist individual website addresses if that is the policy or goals of a school's tech department administrator / director. Since Google Sites are free to create and duplicate, hundreds of Google Sites addresses with sites.google.com/ can exist. This may create a cycle of blocking an infinite number of gaming sites, but Google search only ranks so many in search results because of so much duplicate content, or no actual text content.

Google Sites has had a long history of this practice: creators making and earning ad dollars from unblocked Google Sites gaming sites, and students trying to find games to play online which aren't blocked by the school's web filtering software. This also presents a challenge for legitimate Google Sites used by the school, administrators and teachers. These sites may need to be whitelisted to avoid an inconvenient outage.