My Classic Google Sites Website was Deleted and I Can't Find It

How to find your missing Google Site

You may see an error like: [Domain] points to the [site] which does not exist. Please contact the domain administrator. or "site not found" or "we were unable to locate the site". 

This issue has appeared on the Google Sites Help Center forums lately since Google, as part of their sunset of Classic Google Sites, is actively deleting sites. Some has created hundreds of webpages or spent many hours on their Google Sites website and might be in a bit of a panic. Don't worry, let's help you find your deleted site in a couple of places.

Places to look for your deleted site

If your site was automatically migrated to a new Google Site, you might need some help fixing up your intranet or business website. I've seen hundreds of converted sites in disarray and if you can't stand it, contact us for support.