Fix Google Sites Custom URL Already Taken Issue

Are you trying to add a custom URL from your verified domains, but the web address is already in use or taken? Let me explain the solution so that you can add your web address by freeing up the subdomain location.

Why Your Custom Web Address is Already in Use

It may be that at one point you had mapped a Google Sites property to this custom URL and so it's already taken. This could be from a Gmail account or Workspace account with that primary domain. Actions you can take before a more drastic solution:

You can't assign two sites the same URL, so this creates a conflict. If you can't find the site to delete it, or remap it, it is particularly problematic.

How to Unblock the URL

We had a conversation with Google Sites support to solve this problem and here are the steps to clear the old mapping:

Chat Transcript with Google Support for reference:

This was completed with a paid Google Workspace account and Google Domains (now Squarespace Domains).