Setting Up a Google Sites Custom Web Address

A Written and Video Tutorial / How to


You've done it! You have spent days, weeks, maybe months designing your Google Sites website and now your ready to share it with the public. You are ready to launch the website and probably want to use a custom web address, also called a domain (e.g. .com, .net .biz). You can purchase, or register, these domains from a domain registrar (e.g. GoDaddy, Google Domains, etc). Let's walk through the steps of setting up a Google Sites custom web address in this tutorial.

Follow the official Google Sites support page instructions for best results. This article provides the most relevant, up-to-date help and includes topics like: set up a custom domain, verifying ownership of your domain, responding to error messages, etc. I will also attempt to summarize my process here in case it provides more clarity on some steps.

Publishing on a Custom Domain from a Personal Gmail Account and with GoDaddy

Note: If you are using a Google Workspace account, please see instructions below as this process is a bit different in some ways.

Verify your Domain Ownership with Google Search Console

Connect Your Google Sites to Domain Registrar, GoDaddy via DNS Records

Set Up Forwarding for your Naked Domain Name on GoDaddy

Have you experienced that your website doesn't open or load without www prefix (subdomain)? Are you irritated that certain browsers don't automatically forward your website without the www in front? Here's how you fix that:

Many domain registrars offer forwarding of the domain, not just GoDaddy. Become acquainted with your domain settings, DNS and forwarding options. You can use this 301 forward type to redirect pages without www

Adding a Custom URL with Google Workspace for Google Sites

How to Use Google Domains for Google Sites Custom URL

This video tutorial covers custom domains using a Google Workspace account and Google Domains.


Where do I find an A record, AAAA record, or IP address for Google Sites?

You do not need an A record or IP address to successfully set up a Google Site on a custom domain. Google does not provide these for Workspace or Gmail users. This is because Google Sites always uses a subdomain and won't work purely on a naked domain. That is why we forward the naked domain to the CNAME mapped subdomain (usually www). There is no public IP address for Google Hosting servers. The data is only for a CNAME.

How do I link my Google Site custom domain using another registrar?

There are tons of domain registrars on the web. Here are some of the guides we have found that give specific instructions on Google Sites set up for their registrar:

This video tutorial covers custom domains using a Google Workspace account and Google Domains.

REMINDER: All these settings modifications and DNS submissions may take UP TO 48 Hours (but usually it is done in 1 hour).