Squarespace Domains DNS Configuration for Google Sites

Common Issues with Domain Name Management between Sites and Squarespace

Properly setting up a custom domain for a website is crucial for establishing a professional online presence and ensuring ease of access for users. A custom domain enhances brand credibility, making the website appear more legitimate and trustworthy. It also provides SEO benefits, as search engines favor well-established domains, leading to better search rankings. Additionally, custom domains offer more control over email addresses associated with the website, further enhancing professionalism and consistency. Ensuring correct domain configuration is also essential for security, protecting the website from potential cyber threats and ensuring data privacy.

Squarespace Domains is just like any other domain name registrar vendor. However, ever since the sale of Google Domains to Squarespace, there has been so disconnects and confusions. Here are some of the issues we are solving for in this support article:

How to Use a Custom Domain with Squarespace Domains on Google Sites

Check out the two screenshots below. One is the general overview for your website and the other is a DNS configuration page.

For more information on domain management, refer to authoritative sources such as https://www.icann.org