Verify Ownership of a Google Sites Web Address with Google Search Console

Why Verify a Google Sites Website Property?

Google Sites web addresses are a directory of the subdomain and are completely free. Not everyone wants to pay for a domain renewal yearly. Therefore a public website can run at zero cost, not even a hosting plan is needed with Google Sites. The problem is, these web addresses with the long might not be indexed very easily. Did you know even free Google Sites can rank well in search if you follow best SEO practices? 

Google likes to index top level domains, or your www subdomain. Registering for Google Search Console can help Google find your URL and add it to search results. After all, what good is a resume or a eportfolio without being picked up and recognized.

Instructions and Video Tutorial

Watch this video of the whole process if you get lost on Google Site Owner Verification

The Importance of Registering Your Property on Google Search Console

As a webmaster, the owner of a website, it's important your website have an online presence. Google Search Console is a free tool that allows you to monitor and improve your property's visibility in Google search results.

Other Benefits of Registering Your Property on Google Search Console