How to Google Sites

Posting an Announcement

There are several ways to post an announcements, but first things first, log into your Google Sites website. At the bottom of the website you'll see an attribution line which will also have a "sign in" option. If your website owner has given you access you will have logged into your Google Site and will notice a toolbar and options to Create a Page, Edit Page, and More Actions.

  • Go to your website
  • Sign In at the bottom


HTML, the basis for Google Sites, is a script language for website that has been around for quite a while.


To edit HTML on a Google Sites page you must first be logged into the Google Site. When you are on the web page you wish to edit, select "Edit Page." On your editing toolbar you will see a small pencil and HTML icon. For the particular section you wish to edit, select somewhere in that section and then click on the pencil HTML icon.

Inserting an Image

Formatting an Image