Google Apps Add-on Process

Google Apps Add-on Process





Contact Us

The first, most important step.

Information Gathering

We'll send you a questionnaire.

The Quote

We'll tell you 'how much' up front.

No Obligation Draft

We'll build you a Google Site, free.





Guidance & Revision

What did you like & dislike?

Partial Payment

To proceed - a deposit

Transfer Work to Your Account

Share a generic Google Site from your Apps account.

Develop & Collaborate

We can work together on information architecture for your pages.





Approve Final Design

The site is just how you want it.

Setup to Launch

Need help setting up your domain?

Launch it

It's online. We're excited for you!

Final Payment

For all our hard work.

Some more detail on the Roadmap

We are so glad that you have decided to build a website with us. We have created this document so that our clients have a clear roadmap for their web project. We plan to help you from start to launch, so let’s get started!

The Questionnaire

Your questionnaire tells us everything we need to know about your project. Please take your time with this since it will direct the cost, timing, design, function and structure of your website. Here is our template:

The Design Draft

We will build a draft, or concept website for you on the web based on your input from the questionnaire. This draft will have a general theme, or styling, and a sample home page layout. This serves as a mockup and may not reflect accurately the home page content you plan to have.

The Feedback

We need to know what you thought of the design draft. Did we brand it correctly? Are the colors, fonts, styled elements, backgrounds and such ‘on brand’ with your organization? Are you happy with the general concept and look & feel of this site? Let us know and we will revise accordingly on that same URL location.

The Structure & Content

Now that we have an approved theme, we need to build the structure of your site. Please map out your website’s structure and send us a document (Google Doc, Word Doc, Presentation) corresponding to each web page your website will have. Please also send us photos in a separate folder and mark the page location for each one. Take this Google Drive structure as an example:

Collaboration & Launch

When we finish adding your content (text & photos) we will need more of your feedback. Are the pages arranged correctly? Is the content correct on each page? Does it look ready for launch?

When the site looks ready for launch, please let us know so we can begin working on that process, which may involve DNS, Google Apps Admin Settings, SEO, Analytics, etc.

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