Google Sites Resume How to

Google Sites is the best online resume builder on the web. Here you will learn why you should use Google Sites for a resume, how to design your resume, and explore tips to creating a professional example.

About Google Sites for Resumes

An online resume is an important asset for job seekers and a helpful resources for those hiring. Besides having a LinkedIn profile, a digital resume (or CV; curriculum vitae) is a way to place all that vital information on the web, just a click away. A beautiful resume can put you ahead of the competition and make your profile stand out. The aesthetic of your resume can enhance the impact of skills and experience. Online resume websites have many distinct advantages over traditional paper copies.

5 Reasons Why You Should Use Google Sites to Build a Resume Website

So, there is no risk, no harm, and no cost to start using Sites as your professional resume platform. Google Sites is the ultimate free resume builder.

How to Make a Resume on Google Sites in 3 Steps

Follow more detailed instructions for how to use Google Sites in web design

Google Sites Resume Templates

Here you will find 5 templates perfect for a resume. So if you are ready to start job hunting in 2024 with an online resume, look no further. Professionals of all sorts have no excuse to not publish a resume with these templates in 30 minutes or less. It literally takes less than an hour to get these up and running. All the example templates below are absolutely free.

Susan - A Designer Resume

Gary - A Professional Resume

Ashley - A Consultant Resume