Google Sites Login

The most common access point for Google Sites to login is

How to Log in to Google Sites?

You can access Google Sites by several means, but first you must log into your Google account. This account can be a personal Google account (Gmail) or a Google Workspace account.

How to Sign In From a Google Sites URL

If you directly visit a Google Sites property from the published URL and you are a site editor or owner, you will see displayed in the bottom right, a circle pencil icon which denotes launching the edit interface for that particular Google Site. This is an alternative Google Sites login method.

For Finding Sites with Google Drive

You can easily find Google Sites in Google Drive. They are displayed much like other Google Drive formats like Sheets, Docs and Slides. The search engine can be used to search out Google Sites that have been shared with you. You can also used the search type of Sites (type:Sites) to quick filter out all other file types except Google Sites.

For more information about finding Sites and even Classic Google Sites, see this support article. Take note that deleted sites are located in the Google Drive's trash, which places sites at risk of deletion if not recovered in 30 days.

After You Sign In to Google Sites — Page Settings

After your sign-in you can create new Sites or edit existing Sites. These may be Google Sites owned by you or shared with you, which you can filter to display.

You can view your sites properties in list or grid mode, similar to Google Drive, sort, or use a file picker.

If you have not hidden the template gallery (see settings) you can view recently used Google Sites templates. The gallery is also able to be opened by entering the web address: 

Screenshot of the default Google Sites login page if not already logged in

Access Google Sites from Google Workspace

While logged into a Google Workspace account, Google Sites will available as a quick link from any core Google application within the top-right apps grid menu, also known as the app launcher. For more about Google Sites in Google Workspace, check out the differences here

Using Managed Chrome Settings

The Google Workspace administrator can set up bookmarks and default home pages for users devices which are managed via the Chrome browser. This can make Google Sites and intranets easily accessible from first workstation access.

Tips on Finding a Google Site

Using all these methods of entering a Google Site, please be aware of what Google account you are logging in with. If you are logged into multiple Google accounts, you may have difficulty logging into Sites. Make sure to toggle to the correct Google account via the top right account settings.

Authorized User Parameter for Google Files

You can adjust your accessing Google Account when logged into multiple accounts by modifying the parameter at the end of your Google file URL:

These queries are placed at the very end of the URL

Admin Access to Google Sites

Administrators for Google Workspace will able to especially request access to a Google Site or view the Owner of a Google Site:   

To control the flow of information across their organizations, G Suite admins often need increased visibility into the new Google Sites being created by their users. For instance, they may notice outdated information on a site and need to contact the owner to ensure that it's updated. Or they may see duplicative content on two sites and need to resolve the redundancies with those sites' owners. To help admins do this, we’re adding a feature in the new Google Sites that will make it easier for an admin to get additional information about individual sites.

Google Workspace is one of our top Google Sites resources because of the added security and administrative settings.

See the owner of a site and request edit access 

When browsing a site in their domain, admins with appropriate permissions will see a “Site details” button in the footer of the site. When they click this footer, they’ll see:

Required admin permissions 

Super admins and any other admins with the “View details of new Google Sites” privilege will be able to see the site details link in a site’s footer.

Note that this feature does not automatically give G Suite admins the ability to edit Google Sites. They’ll still need to contact the site’s owner and request permission to directly edit. 

Google apps available from a personal Gmail account

Google Apps quick links from a Google Workspace account


Are Google Sites free?

Yes. You do not need to pay to access Google Sites. However, if you use Google Sites as part of Google Workspace, your organization will be paying for licenses to Google apps.

Why can't I access Google Sites?

There may be multiple reasons why you can't access Google Sites:

How do I create a login page for Google Sites?

If you send someone the Google Sites link from edit mode and they aren't an editor/owner, then they will receive a request accessing login page screen.

The URL format looks like: