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As a top contributor in the Google Sites community we've seen a lot of interesting errors pop up. We are here to tackle the frequently asked questions for you and provide clear instruction.

New Support Articles to Help New and Advanced Users With Their Google Sites

Here you will find a list of tutorials, articles and guides to help with your Google Sites adventure. These additional Google Sites support resources should help you find new and old examples of issues regarding domains, themes and gadgets. If you need additional support you can also contact our team online.

Why trust us for Google Sites Support?

We have been a Google Sites developers for over 10 years and are very familiar with the strengths and weakness of Google Sites. We have experienced all the pitfalls ourselves through our designing thousands of sites throughout the years. Our clients also trust us for live support, training and consulting. Our expertise makes us an invaluable resource to organizations running Google Workspace.

How do you determine common issues and frequently asked questions?

The best way for us to find new problems with Google Sites is to stay connected with the Google Sites user community. Besides personal experience, we monitor and contribute to forums on Google, Facebook, Twitter, Reddit and more. We are also building a library of Youtube screencast support video tutorials.

Support Related Resources

Journey over to our resources page for a vetted list of helpful Google Sites content you might find helpful. We have links to official sources as well as product experts and content creators. Many people are passionate about Google Sites and want to help you have the best experience possible on the platform. For now, this page and its subpages are directed to solve specific issues user have or may encounter. If you require advanced or ongoing support for Google Sites, do feel free to contact us.

Get Support from a Google Sites Product Expert

Google Workspace support in general is provided by Google Cloud Partners, also called Resellers. If your business does not have an authorized partner, it may be difficult to get direct support from real experts. And the feedback from Google Workspace representatives may be limited, especially in the realm of Google Sites help. In that case, you want to consider our hourly support rate for web conferencing, live calls, general help and live tech support. Here's how we can handle your support ticket:

If you do have a Google Workspace Reseller or Google Cloud Partner then you have an extra level of support for your apps, including Google Sites. However, some may have little experience in building, customizing or supporting Google Sites. We are pleased to work with your partner to provide Google Sites support. In fact, this helps us build relationships with such businesses and lend our product expertise to their teams.

We are also very active on social media, including Twitter for your inquiries.

About the Official Sites Help Center

The official Google Sites Help center is a great place to browse help topics related to:

The community tab of the help center contains categories for:

The community tab is frequently monitored by product experts, some of which we've identified in our resources page. These experts have a wealth of knowledge, working many years on the platform. They thoroughly test new features and potential for embedding code widgets.